What happens in London stays in London

Avery a now 37 year old. In the beginning she starts out as a beautiful 13 year old girl is dared by her best friend Ian to ask out a blonde boy named Austin. In Jr year Avery makes a decision to break up with Austin. About 4 years later Avery and her best friend Chloe decide to go to London for a year to study. Chloe's mission was to find One Direction. Avery's mission was to find a new boyfriend. They end up finding both. Avery starts to close to Harry Styles while Chloe is trying to get close to the other 4 boys. Avery and Harry get a little to close and it leads to some things that was not planned.


1. Flash to the past

This is the story of my sister and harry styles she wrote the story in a journal so I'm going to tell it. But if I'm going to tell the story right I need to start from the beginning. It all started in middle school.....

"Truth or dare?" Ian said to Avery.

"Ummm... Dare." Avery responded.

"Ok I dare you to ask out Austin."

"Those dares are so stupid!" Avery yelled. "And no I don't like that pale blonde thing." She cringed.

"But it's a dare." Ian said with an evil look on his face.

"Fine" Avery said in an annoyed voice.

A few minutes later Avery ask out Austin. Hoping that he would say no. When she did he said yes. Avery was unsure about this but she decided to give him a chance and it turned into a decision that would change her life. They were like any other couple in middle school.

Avery's Journal: Today was like any other day. I played truth or dare with Ian, Chloe, Mason, and Bella. I was dared to ask out Austin that little annoying pale blonde hair boy that sits next to me in history. So I did he said yes. I did have a crush on him in 6th grade. I decided to give him a chance. Chloe and I at lunch were talking about going to London for a year in collage again. I hope that it will happen we have been talking about that ever since we were 6. The rest of the day was fine I think I failed the math quiz.

When it can to 8th grade they both went to the same high school. Austin was a soccer player and Avery played volleyball. Know one thought their relationship would last for 2 years but it did. "

Avery! Avery!" Mother was calling "Avery your boyfriend is here!" She yelled

"Coming!" Avery came down stairs and kissed Austin on the cheek. "I thought you were coming tonight so we could go see a movie? I was just about to go to Chloe's." Avery said.

"Yea I know but I can't go tonight, so I thought I should tell you..."

"Why didn't you just text or call me?"

"I got my phone taken away." Austin explained.

"Oh, ok!" Avery ran out the door and got on her bike to go to Chloe's house. When she got to Chloe's she notice that Chloe got even more one Direction posters.

"Chloe you should stop wasting your money on One Direction posters! You will never have a real conversation with any of them. And their not even cute!" Avery knew that they were cute, she just wanted to piss off Chloe.

Chloe gasps "How dare you say that! All of them are cute! I mean look at them! You have to think one of them are cute!"

"I guess Harry is cute" Avery said.

"Good now I know your not a robot and you shouldn't say that I will never meet them, we are going to London when we are in collage and I will meet them." Chloe said.

"Which one do you think is cute? Avery asked.

"Umm all of them!!! But if I must choose I would say Niall or Liam."

Avery's Journal: today Austin came to my house to tell me that he can not go to the movies. I didn't really care but did he have to come to my house. I went to Chloe's house. She was normal Chloe obsess with One Direction and you know Chloe. She really wants to go to London but I'm not sure it will happen.

(This was my first fanfic I wrote, so I decided to publish it)

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