Summer Love

The biggest boy band of this generation are prepared for a little break. With Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry as members they are the most biggest heart throbs in history!
Does Niall feel left out when the other four boys have a sturdy relationship? Or does he enjoy been single? This book will introduce you to excitement, love and loss.
By the way: This is my first movella+ I only wright personal fanfics on Facebook, Twitter, Twitlonger, ect.


5. To there surprise..

.."WHAT?" Niall said, putting his arms on his head. "NO! THIS MUST'VE BEEN..when we..yeah, 3 weeks ago!" Chloe held the test infront of her, with 3 more following. All positive. "What are we going to do? WHAT THE..JESUS.." Chloe said. Eleanor rubbed her back. Danielle smiled. "Well maybe we could go to the doctors? Maybe.." Danielle said. "awh babe..Don't cry. " She said, seeing Chloe in pieces. 

"Yeas..Miss.Calder. You are 100% pregnant, was this planned?" The doctor asked. "NO!" She gave him a straight answer. She looked dull, lost, sad, but as soon as Niall saw her, as soon as he caught her eye..She smiled. Everything was better when Niall looked at her. She couldn't have done anything without him. He was a part of her. A part of her life now, and having a baby, although she didn't look up to it, really added something to there life. Like a missing jigsaw puzzle been found. The missing piece. "LOVELY, doctor, We have all the information we need now..thanks" They walked out, hand in hand. 

"WERE HAVING A BABY!" Niall shouted.."YOU+ME=PERFECTOO!" He then joked. He lifted Chloe up in the air and spun her around. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world. 






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