Summer Love

The biggest boy band of this generation are prepared for a little break. With Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry as members they are the most biggest heart throbs in history!
Does Niall feel left out when the other four boys have a sturdy relationship? Or does he enjoy been single? This book will introduce you to excitement, love and loss.
By the way: This is my first movella+ I only wright personal fanfics on Facebook, Twitter, Twitlonger, ect.


6. Now, we know its nearly over

"I don't know...If this is going to work, Niall" Chloe said, as the looked at her bump. She was 6 months pregnant and she knew somewhere in her heart it was a bad idea..But the goodness and love were taking over that guilt. "I mean..LOOK AT ME! I'm 6 months pregnant, we're in the middle of Spain scorching HOT, and MY BUMB..I'm gonna be fat for the rest of my life!" Chloe admitted, as she felt discussed with her body, the fat and stretch marks that came with the pregnancy. "SHUT UP! You are not fat, babe. You are pregnant with our daughter and its the most perfect thing in the world. ME, YOU. Anyway's, It's the end of our break in a week..YOU KNOW!" Niall said. Chloe looked at him, looked at him as if she was the luckiest girl in the world. And she was. The amount of fans he had that had only dreamed to marry him, let alone have his baby. "Listen, Chloe.." Niall said after moments of silence "I wanna tell you something. you know, I didn't want a baby until I'm at least late 20's. BUT..I know how you feel about me, and I feel the same way. We're in a wonderful relationship. WONDERFUL. WONDERFUL. Relationship.." Niall repeated. "But..I really think we're gonna have to push ourselves. Push ourselves to the limit, you know that Chloe, right?" Niall asked. Chloe looked at the floor. Was her hormones getting the better of her? Or was she only right to kick off. "NO" She thought. "I'm not stressing myself..I am not stressing myself!" She thought again..After moments of silence, which lately seemed to be a more frequent thing, she spoke. "I Understand..yeah, totally" She said, in a plain, Yorkshire accent that she was. "yeah we have 3 months, 3 whole months to work this out" she smiled. But was it a fake smile? Inside she was rotting, just waiting to yelp out and cry. Why was she like this. Niall hadn't annoyed her. She just felt like she needed to rip someone's head of. She bit her thumb. She nearly cut through, anything to stop the pain, stop the Annoyer. 

Niall smiled, "Ok then..I'll tell the boys that you don't feel comfortable in your dress and you'd rather wear jeans and a top?" He walked out.  "UGH." Chloe let out a sigh and bumped on the bed. She felt worthless. She felt as if she could put a whole in the wall. What was going on? She knew somehow this pregnancy was impossible. Her whole life with Niall could be impossible. She felt that ever since he kissed her for the first time. Would she feel as if she had to leave? Go back to England, and forget about him. "HA..NOT GONNA HAPPEN" She though. She decided to make a move and got up, out of the bed. And picked out a comfy outfit for the night.

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