Summer Love

The biggest boy band of this generation are prepared for a little break. With Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry as members they are the most biggest heart throbs in history!
Does Niall feel left out when the other four boys have a sturdy relationship? Or does he enjoy been single? This book will introduce you to excitement, love and loss.
By the way: This is my first movella+ I only wright personal fanfics on Facebook, Twitter, Twitlonger, ect.


3. It all comes out

"Numberrrrr..erm..2" Eleanor threw the dice. "SHOOT! ITS 6!" The family was in the villa, seen as though the lovely Spanish scenery was raining. "AH...I WANNA GO OUT! ITS BORING HERE.." Emily said. Harry peered over her and kissed her "I know babe..I promise you when it stops raining we'll go somewhere LOVELY. Your choice baby!" Emily smiled..But then in the corner of her eye she could see Niall and Chloe talking..again, in the kitchen. Where Niall always is. 

"I-I-I just dont know if I can handle you anymore. NOT .. DEFINITELY not in a bad way. You give me the chills. When I see your face. Its..AMAZING..AMAZING FEELING" Niall says. Chloe hugged him "I LOVE YOU NIALL JAMES HORAN!" she whispered in his ear. "I LOVE YOU TOO CHLOE NICOLE CALDER!" He replied. He held her waist. Then turned on the radio. 'Kiss me' By Ed Sheeran was on..He closed the door and then Started dancing with Chloe. He whispered in her ear the lyrics.  "Kiss me like you wanna be loved, you wanna be loved, you wanna be loved. This feels like falling in love, falling in love, falling in love" He whispered. Chloe placed his spare hand on her cheek then snuggled into it. 

"Where's Chloe and Niall..?" Danielle said. "PROBABLY GETTING FREAKY WITH IT. HAHA." Louis giggled. As did Harry. "NO TIME FOR JOKES.." The 4 girls sighed. "No..Come on..There's a window on the kitchen door, we'll peak through." Zayn asked. "DONT YOU DARE..MAYBE THEY DO HAVE CHEMISTRY BUT DONT RUIN IT!" Perrie told her boyfriend off. But the boys didn't listen, they peaked through. Through it they could see the dancing, the twirling..THE LOVE. "EEW..There proper getting into it aren't they!" Harry said. But No. It was true love. Chemistry. Niall found his princess. "ok..Guys. Me and Louis are off to bed. It's 3 in the morning!" Eleanor yawned. "..oh..and leave them two to it!" Then the other 3 couples decided it was time for bed as well. 

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