Summer Love

The biggest boy band of this generation are prepared for a little break. With Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry as members they are the most biggest heart throbs in history!
Does Niall feel left out when the other four boys have a sturdy relationship? Or does he enjoy been single? This book will introduce you to excitement, love and loss.
By the way: This is my first movella+ I only wright personal fanfics on Facebook, Twitter, Twitlonger, ect.



Eleanor and Louis was on a holiday break in Doncaster, so Niall and Chloe decided to have a night at Emily and Harry's place. Niall and Chloe was trying to get to sleep, Scarlett was at her Grannies in Ireland as Niall and Chloe wanted them to have family time before the wedding. So Chloe and Niall was laid in bed, trying to sleep. But they couldn't, couldn't because A- Niall kept coughing and talking, and B- Emily and Harry was having, let say, 'Family time'. The moans and groans coming from there bedroom was really loud, the only words that was spoken for over a hour was, "Harry!", "EMILY!" and "I LOVE YOU!". As embarrassing as it was, Chloe thought that they'd rather have sex alone in there room, rather than having sex in front of them. Suddenly they was a smash. Niall got out of bed in his boxer shorts and opened the door. "Niall, if you walk in there you could see things..that you, that you erm..wouldn't ever want to see!" Chloe said. "NO! Chloe, I've had enough, and by the sounds of it, they would HAVE to have enough. 2 HOURS! 2 FUDGING HOURS!" Niall said. Then he talked again "I'm just gonna knock on the door!" He walked out.

It was the morning of the 'crazy night' and after Niall told them to shut up, they did right away, but they was still a lot of laughing, which the couple could handle. Niall woke up to see Chloe laid there, "HEY! I think them two are awake!" She whispered. "Oh ok..I'll get up then!" He laughed. They both got dressed and made there way to the door. Chloe walked through to see the other couple sat of the coffee table, having breakfast. "I AM SO SORRY ABOUT LASTNIGHT. IT WAS A FILM!" Emily screeched, jumping out of her seat. "Emily, sure it was!" Chloe laughed. As the girls made conversation, Niall and Harry was making conversation about the night time. "Yeah..I TOTALLY BANGED HER!" Harry joked, then did a smile to Emily, showing his dimpled and his long nose and strong jawline. "Well me and Chloe was thinking about it but we didn't wanna spoil your interesting night!" Niall joked again. The two couples then decided to eat breakfast together, avoiding the awkward conversation that the boys could have come across. 

4 weeks later, Chloe and Emily was invited to a special guest party, to celebrate the old 'directioners'. They was stood near the toilets when Emily peaked her head through the door "CHLOE..I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!" She then laughed, but Chloe thought that it was a nervous laugh. Chloe walked into the toilets to see a pregnancy test in her view. Nothing else. Just a plus on it. "WHOAH! EMMY'S UP THE DUFF!" Chloe shouted. Then Emily covered her mouth. "SHUSH! If the boys find out we'd be screwed! You know, were the odd ones out. We aren't celebrities. WERE BESTFRIEDS. SO that is why I told you!" She whispered. But was this a bad idea to keep it a secret from Harry? 



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