Summer Love

The biggest boy band of this generation are prepared for a little break. With Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry as members they are the most biggest heart throbs in history!
Does Niall feel left out when the other four boys have a sturdy relationship? Or does he enjoy been single? This book will introduce you to excitement, love and loss.
By the way: This is my first movella+ I only wright personal fanfics on Facebook, Twitter, Twitlonger, ect.


2. Am I falling for her?

The boys and there dates were out for a meal..or should I say the boys and there dates, and Chloe and Niall. "Ma'am take your seat..any pic for you lady" The restaurant owner called.."Your all dating?..WOW..And Niall Horan, the single one has a girl!" He called again..The band was very popular with this restaurant. "HAHA No..Mr.Stoodle..This is Chloe, Eleanor's step-cousin, And yeah I'm still single" Niall said, then put his head down. "ok.." Mr.Stoodle said. "RIGHT..OVER HERE!" Liam then shouted, to avoid a awkward moment. 

The boys, and there dates, and Chloe sat down and enjoyed a very nice, Mexican meal. "AHH...This is the life, isn't it?" Zayn said. "Yeah.. " Perrie then laughed, as she dived into her meal..Like the rest of them. Niall and Chloe were opposite the table..staring at each other during each fork of the dish. Eleanor noticed, then patted Louis..He then chuckled which caught all the tables attention. "..SO..NIALL.." He said, then whistled the song puppy love. Eleanor chuckled but then told Louis to stop. "WHAT? WHAT? I KNOW..WE ALL KNOW YOUR TALKING ABOUT ME..WHY? BECAUSE IM BEEN A GENTLEMEN AND SMILING AT A LADY?" Niall stood up and then walked out. Then followed Chloe. "Niall..Niall.." She shouted for him as he made his way to the port. He stopped, looking at the fresh water..10 seconds later Chloe arrived. It was silent. "Niall..Come back in, you don't wanna argue with your best pal..he was joking." She said, stroking his back. "NO. You can see the smile on my face..When I see your face..When you see me. We smile. We smile like I've never seen anyone smile. Its different. But so right. Chloe, I'm not gonna lie. You are beautiful. Amazing. Everyman's dream. You are!" Niall admitted, then he realised what he said. He could see the sock on Chloe's face. But that O shaped mouth, became a smile. She smiled. And carried on smiling before making her way back to the Mexican buffet and to her table. 

It was the morning after the big kick off. Niall woke up, thinking that last night was maybe a dream. MAYBE. He rubbed his eyes, then looked out the window. Chloe was laid in her bikini, she caught Niall's attention and waved. He smiled back, then realised It couldn't be a dream. He quickly got dressed and shooted outside. Everyone was running around, easy to see..But the only thing on Niall's mind and the only thing Niall could see was Chloe. Laid there. He sat down beside her. "WANNA GO FOR A SWIM!" He shouted, she jumped.."OH..JESUS FUC..Oh..Niall..HEY ERM YEAH LETS GO!" Chloe shouted, fastly  because she was embarrassed. She jumped in the pool and followed Niall. "Hey..Niall..Hold my waist I can do a trick! Just hold my waist" Niall looked at her waist. "But..I can't" He said. He couldn't place his hands on a woman's body. A growing girl. "JUST DO IT..YOU CAN" Chloe said. He chuckled. HE placed his hand.

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