Reviewing 2012: The Olympics & Paralympics

The London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics were the first ones that I really got interested in and since they were in my home country I found it even more exciting to watch. So when I saw that there was a Movellas competition to review your highlight of 2012 I decided that they were going to be what I would review.


1. Inspiring a Generation

Out of all the people in my family, I think me and my mum were the most interested in the Olympics and Paralympics. To be honest, you could probably almost call us obsessed by it all. I even got my mum both the Olympics and Paralympics on DVD for Christmas and I got my grandad, who enjoyed watching the Olympics as well, a book of pictures and facts on it.

Even though we never got tickets to go and see any of the events, we watched the majority of them on the TV. I remember I spent most of the first week of the Olympics jumping up and down on my sofa cheering everyone on and running to find my mum whenever something exciting happened. Then we went on holiday to the Peak District for a week. I remember every morning we'd watch Olympics Breakfast on BBC1, then we'd go on a day out, to a town or on a walk or something, and then every afternoon we would go back to the holiday cottage and watch the Olympics. We were in the Peak District for Super Saturday, when Team GB won three gold medals in 45 minutes thanks to Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford. That was spectacular.

The Paralympics were just as great, it was amazing to see people with disabilities doing something with their lives which inspired other disabled people that they could also do something with their lives and that a disabilty, whether you were born with it or got it in an accident, didn't mean you had to have a worse-off life. Some of the Paralympians were better at sports than I am. Scrap that, probably all of the Paralympians were better at sports than I am.

The opening and closing ceremonies for both the Olympics and Paralympics were some of the most awe-inspiring things I've ever seen. I've never seen anything like them. The music was wonderful, the fireworks were fantastic, and everyone who took part was brilliant.

Of course, everyone who helped make the games what they were, the athletes, the coaches, the judges, the Games makers and everyone else were really astounding.  I know I'll always remember the summer of 2012 because of the Olympics and Paralympics.

As Seb Coe, Chairman of the games, said "We lit the flame and lit up the world."

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