Last Stop

"Last stop, everybody off."


1. Chapter 1

((A/N: Something that came to me whilst I was stood all alone wating for a pick up, in the dark, after getting off a train... This all dressed as L Lawliet. It was my cosplay thingie ^^ Anyway, not soo sure where this will go, but, read along to find out :) BeyondLawliet )) 



Hello reader. I guess, I am your narrator. A third persons view on things. Though, this person can not only see the sights before myself, but somehow know and feel what the characters are feeling. Maybe its a talent, or something that just makes me excellent at my job. Anyway, lets get straight into it. Lets not bore you with the details of life before this moment, but only those after it. We will focus our story today, on Layna Barnes. A simple girl, I guess. Normal family, average life. Maybe we shall see how that all changes. So, as I said before, let us begin, at the train station....



Layna shuffled off of the train, and hurriedly followed her friends. After a kind stranger had warned her that the train would not take her to her desired stop, she realised her best hope was to get off here. Her friends huddled by a wall in the cold. The dark of the late winters day consuming the station. It was out and open, no civilized indoor station. It looked like a bus stop, only for trains. Other people got off, and then, as the man said, the train returned the way they'd came. The girls had been on a big shopping trip, to some large city centre that Layna had never visited before. She had taken money, but not bought an item, all she had purchased was food and drink. Neither had she brought a coat, though her mother had persisted that she take one, she still slipped out without following commands. She pulled her thin hoodie closer to her body and crossed her arms across her chest, her bottom lip quivering at the cold. She joined her friends as she hung up on said mother, who was now not only distressed, but annoyed. 

"Huhh..." Layna sighed, already knowing how her mother would yell. Her mother being the type who had small outbursts, that could be held as meanful grudegs or forgotten completely later. It was worling out which of the two possible outcomes that was hardest. 

"Bye!" Denley called as she hurried out of the coming night and into the humming car. It continued alike this for each of the freinds, one by one, they left. Until only Layna remained. 

"Great." She mumbled, aware that a pub sat in the far right corner. This was a prime opportunity for any rapist or kidnapper, she thought. She scanned the dark train 'station' and found barely anyone about. A group of young lads sat around one area of the wall. They seemed not old enough for the pub, and so Layna felt a little safer, knowing that if she screamed due to whatever cricumstance, she'd be heard. But she still was wary of the group. Who knows who they were? One of the boys dropped a newspaper to th floor, its pages flipping as if the wind that turned them, was scanning the paper. However, said boy, named as Blake Johnson, was seemingly infactuated with the girl that stood alone only mere meteres from himself. He had watched her closely on the train and found himself staring. Wanting. Needing. For such horomonal teenage times, it could be all down to the need for sex, that Blake wanted Layna. But, if by the off chance it was something more, then he had better get it out. The boys had also been out on a 'guy day' round the exact same city centre. Coincidence? Perhaps. Fate? Destiny? Call it what you will, it doesnt effect me, though it may them. The guys had passed many a pretty girl in the city on their travels and from times, walked passes Layna and her friends. Blake noticed each and every time. Creepy? Again, perhaps his stalker ways would be needed, else the story couldn't continue. The rest of Blake's group, had been set on dares all day, the guys mainly focusing on dares that either humliated the victim, or involved a girl of some sort. Typical men some may say. Though, that would be highly stereo typical.

"Hey, Blake, you gunna do one now?" Logan asked. Logan was a lanky guy, though he was beyond the strength of any other 16 year old Blake knew. He was extrememly handsome as well, making ladies flock to him like he was a shepard of the sheep. Blake envied Logan, but he was his best friend, and respected his 'mate'. As you can now gather, Blake had be subject to dismissal and not taken part in the petty game. 

"Depends." He replied, not taking his eyes off of Layna who stood shivering silently not far away. 

"Fine, I'll tell you first." Logan laughed and followed his gaze to the waiting Layna. He laughed and a mischevious look filled his eyes. "Kiss her." He stated, snapping Blake from his reverie. 

"W-what?" He said, a little shocked at how perfect the dare was. Cheer him on reader, we need this event to take place. "Fine." He muttered, pretending not to care, when in reality he was dying to talk to her. This was just a little extreme. 

"C'mon mom." Layna breathed, watching her breath air as smoke before her face. She checked the time, and when she looked up again, the group was missing one of the boys. ((Duh Blake)) Layna froze, panic icing inside of her. She clutched at her bag, aware that money and other items she was in need of lay rest there. 

"Hey." Blake stood behind Layna sending her to jump when he spoke. He rubbed at his neck, feeling the pressure of his freinds, and the pressure of wanting to touch this stranger. Layna looked him over, grouping him immediately with the boys not far away, she heard some muffled cheers and felt some sort of dare or something being the reason behind Blake's appearance. Though she didn't actaually know his name of course, its's just easier for you to understand. 

"H-hey." She replied, seeing such a handsome boy, though dark the night was, stood before her. 

"Yeah well..." He didn't finish before stepping in and pressing lips against the oblivious girl. Her eyes widenned and she stood stunned. Her arms rested gingerly on the wet wall as he pushed against her, causing her to use the wall as support. He placed his hands on the wall barricadind Layna where she stood and deepening the kiss, trying to force her lips to part. The cheers from the boys grew louder as Blake edged closer. 

Wow... He thought absently as he pulled away from the poor girl. Her face wide and scared, though she was fully aware of what just happened. Blake rubbed at his neck again.

'Sorry bout' that..." He trailed off before looking her in the eyes with a cute smile, a smile which caused Layna to melt on the spot. "Can I have your number?" He said through a laugh. She smiled though she felt a little disgusted at the boys rude behaviour. Now, any normally sane girl, ((Excluding maybe those perverted slag girls)) wouldn't give her number out to some strange boy on the street. But once again, we need this to occur. She scribbled down the numbers, cute chuckles escaping her lips, as she handed him the note. Loud 'whoops' could be heared from the boys not far away and Blake began to walk away, making a fist pump motion to his friends. He forgot one vital thing as he and his group walked on away from the train station. He had idioticly forgot to ask her for her name. Stupid Blake! Layna is just as bad. Stupid Layna! Ah, we have a very incompetent pair on our hands ladies and gentlemen. 

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