a romance to never forget

Felicity Amira and zayn malik have been best friends since they can remember. but what happens when Felicity falls head over heels for zayn? there was one event that changed there lives forever. what if zayn remembers her a couple years later,and feelings get pushed off the and and also lifes? theres only one way to find out.


4. zayns P.O.V 10 years ago



Zayn's P.o.v:

             (after he said no to felicity) Man that girl is really brave, she could just make friends just like that i guess im too shy to do that. my mom as scolding me about being 'rude' to her but i wasnt really listening to her. "FINE" i said to mom "ill go talk to her" i said as i started walking to where ever Felicity went. " hello?....Felicity?.." i said looking for her, "WHAT" felicity yelled from what im expecting is her room now. i walked over to her and said "hey im sorry i was just shy do you wanna go play, i have a pool!" she turned around grinning like she won bags full of candy. "YESS" she yelled and ran up to hug me.

sorry it was so short i have to do something personal i got a call from my family..:(

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