a romance to never forget

Felicity Amira and zayn malik have been best friends since they can remember. but what happens when Felicity falls head over heels for zayn? there was one event that changed there lives forever. what if zayn remembers her a couple years later,and feelings get pushed off the and and also lifes? theres only one way to find out.


5. still ten years ago



     (sorry umm i taking to long with the 10 years ago but this is the last one of 10 years ago....:))

    Felicitys P.o.v 

        i turned around to face Zayn..man i was soo happy he had a pool! " YESS" i said and i jumped up to hug him. " lets gooooo" i said draging the 'o' out. "dont you have to change???" Zayn said, "naww ill just swim in my undergarments" i said feeling slightly embaressed.....WAIT i never feel embarressed!!!!????  whatever. (yess she is wearing a bra because well i did to act all 'grown up' so yea) "okay..." Zayn said as i was following him to the back yard. "wait here let me get changed into me swimming trunks" Zayn said already walking away while i was stripping. "kk" i said as i was about to jump in. 'SPLASH' " HEY wait for me!!!" Zayn yelled. and just like that we clicked

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