a romance to never forget

Felicity Amira and zayn malik have been best friends since they can remember. but what happens when Felicity falls head over heels for zayn? there was one event that changed there lives forever. what if zayn remembers her a couple years later,and feelings get pushed off the and and also lifes? theres only one way to find out.


1. prolouge

Felicitys P.O.V

     "stop haha it haha!' i said as zayn was tickling me in a meadow we've known since we were kids. "NEVER EVER" Zayn said, with that i got up and started chasing him he ran into the road not paying attention and........i screamed "GET OUT OF THE WAYYY!" Ok i have toadmit we were drinking a little. then right a car came speeding down the and crashed into Zayn. "NOOOOOO!" I screamed and ran to him and yelled "CALL 911 NOW!"

 Zayn's P.O.V

 i was running away from Felicity,next i know im being flown across the street, i hear a faint scream and everything went black.

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