a romance to never forget

Felicity Amira and zayn malik have been best friends since they can remember. but what happens when Felicity falls head over heels for zayn? there was one event that changed there lives forever. what if zayn remembers her a couple years later,and feelings get pushed off the and and also lifes? theres only one way to find out.


6. coming home

 IM SOOOO SORRY  IT TOOK ME SO LONG IM MOVING TO EUROPE SO I MAY BE A LITTLE WHILE. its now where zayn  is coming home from tour...


                       Felicitys P.o.v 

                  As i was pacing kinda jumping around in the airport holding up a sign that said 'ZAYNYWANY', people were looking at me with the what-the-hell? look but whatever. And there he was coming out of the plane looking like a bum with his stupid stuck up girlfriend Mia, but i like calling he Mia-my-ass. see i've liked him for a very long time but i always push it away. With that i dropped the sign and ran out of the airport in fucking tears, he PROMISED it would just be us this break, last break was 3 months ago and i wasn't even there. Hes done this soo many time bringing his girlfriend where all they fucking do is cuddle,kiss and have sex. that's it im done, i took my phone out and texted Zayn 'Don't call,text, or anything me anymore' and blocked his number.....

           Zayns P.o.v 

    I was walking out of the airport with Mia feeling like i forgot something? whatever.... my butt just vibrated meaning i got a text so i slipped it out of my pocket and took a look. 'Don't call,text, or anything me anymore' from Felicity... O  MY GLOB i forgot that she was picking me up and i promised that it would just be me and her... SHIT man im screwed.

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