a romance to never forget

Felicity Amira and zayn malik have been best friends since they can remember. but what happens when Felicity falls head over heels for zayn? there was one event that changed there lives forever. what if zayn remembers her a couple years later,and feelings get pushed off the and and also lifes? theres only one way to find out.


3. 10 years ago





                               Felicitys p.o.v

               WHY me!!!!! Oh I should probably tell you why im upset...well i was just told ill be moving to bradford,england. like im perfectly fine being a 8 year old in paris.

                                *********in bradford now :)******************

                   well i was just singing some random song i heard on the radio while i was walking out of the airport.IM WEIRD GET OVER IT!!!! im not just some boring normal 8 year old, i act like im 10 soo yea i act pretty old if you ask me. my parents were yelling at me to stop buti just kept singing. you could say they werent the best parents ever and well i was just plain stubborn."SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (my friend told me this song ws popular in the states soo yea hopefully she was right) While i was singing my 16 year old stupid brother picked me up and ran to the cabi(yes cabi)while we were in the way to 'home' i slept the whole way there.


             "wake up wake up wake up" my brother tyler said. "okay okay okay okay okay okay oka"-"SHUT UP!!!!!!" "well im up now get up so i can go inside and sleep" i said obviously annoyed. " no no no we have company and theres a little boy 'bout 9 years old..oh la la" Tyler said. "shut up NOW" i said. i obviously said it was to loud cause everybody turned towards me that was in the house. i wasnt really embarressed because i do it all the time and i dont care what people think of me. "sweetie come over here i have someone for you to meet" mom said in the most boringest voice EVER. "kk" I said. i walked over to where my mom was and a little boy with his mom by his side. "Felicity this is Zayn" mom said. "heyyy wanna go play outside?" "sure" was what i was expecting but he decided to be weird and say "no". "fine then be that way" i said walking upstairs to see which room i was getting and i could here his mom scolding him whiling i was walking away.


tell me how you like!!!!!!! :)

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