Highlights of 2012

My highlights of 2012


1. Highlights of 2012

Firstly, the highlight of 2012 for me was the London Olympic and Paralympic games.

The Olympic and Paralympic games really inspired me to not let go of my dream, and to keep walking, no matter how many times I fall or stumble. Because, the people who appear on the Olympics and Paralympics don't just get there by magic. They train long and hard hours each and every day to get themselves noticed and recognised.

The thing that especially hit my the hardest, however, was that in the Paralympics, there was a man in the swimming games, who had no arms and no legs. He was against people who had all their limbs, but they might have had something wrong with there hand or whatever, but that man, probably knowing he wasn't going to win, didn't give up. He didn't quit because of his disability. He didn't think 'Nah, there is no chance I'm going to win gold. I'm not going to bother.' He went and he made his friends, family and country proud.


The second highlight of 2012 for me was, it has to be said, the release of the latest Twilight movie, 'Breaking Dawn Part 2'.

I'm not the biggest Twilight fan out there, but I do enjoy a good bit of vampire drama. I went to the cinema with my friend to see it and I enjoyed every minute of it.


The third highlight of 2012 for me was my birthday because I became a teenager.

Yep, the big '13' as they call it. I had an absolute blast. My best friend came round to my house for a sleepover and we watched movies and ate sweets and popcorn till we were sick! (Not literally, obviously!)


Lastly, the final highlight of 2012 for me was the world NOT ending.

There was a total buzz at my school as the 21st of December 2012 drew closer. My friends were reading me reports that the world was going to have a total blackout, or we were going to have an ice-age. I also heard on the news that £1 shops in America had completely run out of candles in the mad rush for people to get some light when the world supposedly 'ends'. But I never truly believed any of it.

I mean, the world has been around for billions of years, it's not going to suddenly end now. So, as the 21st came and went, I laughed to myself, thinking how silly those people were to think that earth was actually going to end, and I just got on with my life.

That is my review of the wonderful year that was 2012.

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