Chinese Whispers

Suitable for 14yrs +
A secret is hidden in China. Behind the walls things occur to young girls; the abuse they face everyday makes them one step closer. But the question we must ask is, closer to what?
Will anyone ever help?


1. Blank

Why is this happening?

Another girl clasps onto my hand; tears streaming down the silhouette of her face, as my eyes divagate over the other girls sprawled in the back of the truck; covered by rags,  revealing a majority of their tanned flesh. The same rags we wear every day...

This has been my life for six years! All of us lost, confused, astray. Taken from our homes and schools to do the most repellent chores, our bodies battered and bruised from the torture we endure for even the most menial tasks. What monster started this?! What mind could even corroborate the pain we are put through every day, just to turn a mild profit? The sights we have seen, I would not wish upon anyone... not even my worst enemy.

 My life before this is now a blank.

I'm only14, but have spent six years being forced on men and selling my soul to the devil while watching my friends die for not co-operating; for trying to be free, free to have a better education, free to fall in love! Any man or women that would ever dare to tell me things will get better is wrong!! Nothing can get better than this. When I am older and no longer appeasing, instead of moving on and finding my purpose; I WILL DIE. I'll be murdered because I won't be worth my keep. My keep of a prostitute.

Everyday, we starve. Only surviving on a raw potato and sticks of celery; and to even find unsanitary water we'd have to work for hours while, guards supervise us in 4 by 4 as we walk miles barefoot to find the most sufficient puddle, filled with disease infested water that will eventually kill us.And that's if the governor doesn't kill us first if we disobey his orders. We can see our rib cages piercing and prodding at our bruised skin every time we respire. Every time we breathe, every moment of our lives like an ever twisting knife. Its not right, let alone for a women to be stripped of her rags but let alone a child to be stripped of their dignity as well!

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