Life stories

Every thing you see, there's a story behind it that can't be expressed in sentences but through poetry.
So life expresses your daily sights and the truth in the world.
And chocolate, ice cream, pizza and lol cats! :p


1. Work and Stationary

Paperclips and stencils,

Rubbers and sharpeners,

All of the screaming grows louder and faster.

Envelopes sealing,

Lickety split,

Lights on the ceiling dimming very quick,

Payouts and claims,

Phones ringing too,

People work even at the new zoo,

Wages and paperwork,

Filled out every day,

Impatiently wating for the boss to say,

"Bob do the phones"

"Becky you too!"

"Emma go supervise the trip to the zoo."

So jobs in all sizes,

And menial tasks,

Even the guys who make you your flasks.



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