when Julia goes on holiday with her friends and they decide to go camping what will happen when strange things happen and her friends start to disappear


5. Where's Ally ?

Crystal's pov.


"umm Ally what's wrong ?" i asked her the fear was still visible in her eyes she slowly turned round to face me her big green eyes didnt have their usual sparkle so whatever happened had seriously scared her 



" I-I uh n-n-nothing I'm f-fine" she stuttered of my best-friends was lying to me 

"yeah  sureeee" I said sarcastically 

"Honestly Crystal i'm fine you worry too much" she replied with a fake grin to match her fake enthusiasm

Ally's pov.

that was close, there was no way I was telling Crystal, anyway i mean it was proboably just a figment of my imagination i hope it was ... your proboably wondering what i am talking about  I think I saw a person ...with rope ....and bags it was eery and weird  i will not let it ruin this vacation for any of us though....

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