when Julia goes on holiday with her friends and they decide to go camping what will happen when strange things happen and her friends start to disappear


3. The storm

Ally's pov 


when I woke up I heard giggling and I knew that there was writing on my face just as i was abot to get up I heard thunder and me being the wuss I am ducked back underneath thecovers.I heard Julie get up and go check what it was.


when i came out of the bedroom i went over to the mirror and i looked awful, my hair looked like a birds' nest my eyes looked tired and not to mention the amount of writing i had all over that and on top of all that my make-up was smudged so i now looked like a tired panda that was given to a toddler that owned colourful sharpies, I decided to go take a shower andwhen i came out you could still very faintly see the sharpie lines on my forhead it was a good thingtha my black hair had a fringe.I went into my room and picked up my suitcase after i had gotten changed and went downstairs it was chucking it down outside with the rain 



i went to the kitchen to get water and thats when i saw something russeling in the bushes i thought at first it was one of the girls messing about but they were all in the living room thats when i thought it must be an animal but wait a minute animals dont wear boots and they sure as hell don't carry weapons...

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