when Julia goes on holiday with her friends and they decide to go camping what will happen when strange things happen and her friends start to disappear


2. The house

after i had said goodbye to my mother i met up with Crystal and the others and we set off to spain when we arrived at the house it was absolutely beautiful it had amazing glass double-doors and a glass spiral staircase that led to the bedrooms that had connecting balconies

we went into the living room and set our bags down and just looked around then all of a sudden Ally screams "i call shotgun!" and runs up the stairs we all laugh at her and make our way upstairs only to find Ally sprawled  out on the king-sized bed in the master bedroom. We all stood at the door and waited for her to get up until only a few minutes later we heard her softle snoring , i had a plan 



Tori and Crystal went to find markers while I made sure that Ally didnt wake up they came back a few minutes later with an assortment of coloured sharpies 



on her cheek i drew a heart and then wrote 'Julie rocks' inside it and Tori and Crystal wrote their names on her arms legs face and anywhere else there was room.


we then took pictures and as we were laughing at them we heard thunder so me being the braver one went

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