when Julia goes on holiday with her friends and they decide to go camping what will happen when strange things happen and her friends start to disappear


6. It's not your imagination

Crystal's pov.

When I went back to check on the others they were just talking and laughing.I went and sat down on the cream carpeted floor in front of them and just stared at them, indicating that I wanted their attention. 


"umm Crystal, why are you staring at us?" Tori asked 


"well, now that I have your attention I wanted to tell you that there is something up with Ally, and we are going to find out what that is.." i trailed off 


Jenny groaned " but Crystal remember what happened last time you tried to find out what was wrong with Ally?'' 

I knew what she meant, in primary school we went on a visit to the tower of London and Ally was grumpy the whole trip so we,well I decided to investigate and Ally didnt talk to me for a week. 

but anyway..

"yes Jenny I d-" i was cut off by some rustling outside, I went over to the window to check but then there was a ring of the doorbell  but when I opened the door i was pushed the last thing i remembered was Jenny screaming before i blacked out 

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