when Julia goes on holiday with her friends and they decide to go camping what will happen when strange things happen and her friends start to disappear


1. leaving

Julies pov  


"mum i'm leaving soon!" i called up the stairs, i was going on holiday with my three best friends Crystal,Tori and Ally


We were going to stay at Crystals parents holiday house for the entire summer in SPAIN!!!


 I thought Crystal was joking when she said we could all go and since i turned 18 last month my mother let me go


My full name is Julie-Francesca Baxter i have shoulder-length dark brown hair and bright blue eyes my friends say I am funny but I am not the smartest person in the worldwhich i have tosay that I agree with 


My teary-eyed mother came running down the stairs she was pretty torn up about me leaving for the whole summer but i couldnt give up on the oppurtunity, if I had said no then i might have never been given the chance to go to Spain again and plus I wasnt about to pass up the chance to spend an entire summer with my best friends 




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