New Life, New Love

Nicole is your average teenager. When her mom gets a new job as some young pop band what will she do when she finds out who it is? Her whole life changed the moment that door opened. Will she find a true love or will she just become a friend to them? This is my first Movellas so please don't be to harsh on me if I get something wrong.


3. Meeting Them

Nicole's POV.

The drive wasn't that long, just about a 10 minute drive from our new flat to downtown London. What sucks is that is that my mom still hasn't told who she styles for and it's getting really annoying. When we got into the parking lot we passed a sign that says 'London radio'. Uh, that's weird I didn't know she worked for someone that works at a radio station. Also, we passed crowds of girls with posters that I couldn't read. "Hey mom, what are we doing here?" I asked looking around the parking lot. "Just so you know I don't work here' it's someone who is being interviewed." she said with a tone I'd hear many times before. While I'm trying to figure out who it is that she works for, we walked into the building from the back. We walk down some hallways and finally stopped in front of a door with a big star on it. There was some clothes that looked very familiar  like I'd seen them on TV or in a magazine. "Mom?" I asked. "yes?" she replied. "Who exactly do you work for?" I spoke to soon because as soon as I said, it the door opened and staring back was the world famous Louis Tomlinson!!! 

I'm sorry that these chapters have been short but I promise they will get bigger and better. Like favorite and comment if you like.  

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