New Life, New Love

Nicole is your average teenager. When her mom gets a new job as some young pop band what will she do when she finds out who it is? Her whole life changed the moment that door opened. Will she find a true love or will she just become a friend to them? This is my first Movellas so please don't be to harsh on me if I get something wrong.


4. Louis' Side

Nicole's POV.

"Oh hey Ms. Pierson!" he said waving at my mom. Then he waved at me saying "And you must be Nicole Pierson. Your mom talks about you all the time!" 'WHAT!' I thought to myself. 'She never talks about them.' "Really" was all I could say. "Yeah, and by the way your mom talks about you, you seem pretty cool." he said laughing a little. "Louis can we come in please?" my mom ask. "uh...yeah" he said almost hesitant.

When we walk in, we were all greeted with "hi's" and "hey's" from the four other boys in one direction. Harry, Liam, Naill, and Zayn. Louis notified that I was the girl that my mom always talks about. It was weird though, the whole time all the boys were staring at me. I wonder what they were thinking.

Louis' POV.

I was sitting on the couch in the boys' and I's dressing room here at the station when I heard a knock at the door. All the other boys were so lazy that they didn't even say that they wouldn't get it and I knew that they wouldn't. So I got up and answered the door. When I opened it, standing there was Ms. Pierson with such a beautiful girl. Oh I'm glad the boys' were lazy today. Out of habit, I greeted Ms. Pierson and tried to figure out who this girl could be. Then it hit me, today was the day that Ms. Pierson would bring her daughter! "And you must be Nicole Pierson. your mom talks about you all the time!" I said. "Really" she responded. "Yeah, and by the way your mom talks about you, you seem pretty cool." I said laughing a little under my breath. Then there was silence. A few seconds later Ms. Pierson broke the silence asking me, "Louis my we come in please?"

When they walked in I introduced Nicole to Harry, Liam, Naill, and Zayn. When I was introducing the boys to Nicole I keep glancing over at Niall the whole time and saw that he was staring at Nicole in a dazed kind of way. Oh no you don't you little leprechaun.    

It's longer which is great but to me it's so sloppy. That is because my family and I have to go somewhere. Like favorite and comment if you like!!! <3 : D <3  


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