New Life, New Love

Nicole is your average teenager. When her mom gets a new job as some young pop band what will she do when she finds out who it is? Her whole life changed the moment that door opened. Will she find a true love or will she just become a friend to them? This is my first Movellas so please don't be to harsh on me if I get something wrong.


2. Beginning

Nicole's POV.

Well, now we're in London. Tomorrow is my mom's second week in her new job and I guess she got permission to introduce me to everybody that she works with. I'm just so excited to finally meet the people that she works with! But what is still kind of weird is that she hasn't talked about any body she works with. I guess it doesn't matter that much anymore, because tomorrow I get to meet those people.

"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!" my alarm clock rang out. I turn it off and look up at my calendar. "yes" I spoke to myself. I rushed to my bathroom avoiding all the unpack boxes. I jumped into the shower and was soon done. After my shower I basically fell into my walk in closet because I ran. I picked out a cut cream shirt with a little dog on the side and blue ripped skinny jeans, and my silver sequenced toms. I also added I little jewelry to set it all off. 

"Nicole are you ready? I'm going to be late!" my mom yelled from somewhere downstairs. "yeah just finishing up!" I yelled back. I can't believe this, I wander who the celebrity is or celebrities are?!? I run downstairs and give my mom a peck on the cheek and grab my hand bag. My mom has always been like sister to me once my dad died.

I really hope you guys like my Movellas. All I've been doing is coping from a notebook. Like, favorite and comment if you like! <3    

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