True Love

Five best friends have tickets and VIP passes to see a concert of their favorite band, but when they meet the boy backstage, something unexpected happens.


2. The Cancert

(Sahra's POV)

We got to the arena and we all got out.We went in and went to our seats, which happen to be in the Front Row. It was only 2:00 so we watched the boys rehearse. At about 2:20 they stopped rehearsing and started talking to us. We talked about random stuff like their next album and the tour they were on.  At around 2:30 they went to get dressed just as fans started to flood in.

During the whole concert, the boys stood in front of us. Niall in front of me, Zayn in front of Shelby, Liam in front of Savannah, Harry in front of Camille, and Louis in front of Elena.

(Louis' POV)

I really liked those girls we met, and i learned their names from the little conversation. I am Elena's favorite. Wow. She is beautiful. Shelby and Zayn liked each other, Sahra and Niall liked each other, Savannah and Liam liked each other, and Harry and Camille like each other.

They were gorgeous. I'm going to get Elena's number. I don't care what i have to do. It...Will...Happen...



Sorry it's short. Updating as much as possible today.

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