True Love

Five best friends have tickets and VIP passes to see a concert of their favorite band, but when they meet the boy backstage, something unexpected happens.


3. Kiss on the Cheek

(Shelby's POV)

After the concert was over, The girls and I got our VIP passes and went backstage. When the bows saw us they were shocked. We went up to our  faveorite boys and started to talk to them. All of the sudden, Louis yells "Hey!" and scares us all. "Why dont we go to my house and have some fun? I have a pool." We all nod and go to the van.

(Elena's POV)

Sahra Drives this time witrh Niall beside her. The rest of us sat in the back.Camill, Harry,Me, then Louis sat in the second row and Savannah, Liam. Shelby, and Zayn sat in the back Row. Then I hear Harry whisper into Camille's ear "Watch this just don't get jelous." Camille nodded and Harry said "Hey Lou" When Louis looked at him, Harry kissed me on the cheek. Louis got mad and yelled "SHE'S MINE!!!" exactly like in the video diary, and kissed me on the other cheek. I started to blush.

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