Forlad mig ikke (English) APH

Norway doesn't know if he can stay with Denmark, who is becoming more and more violent by the days.


5. Chapter 5

It took a good amount of time, but eventually Norway opened him eyes. After being out this long, he still looked tired. First he just lay looking up at the ceiling for a good long period of time then he switched his gaze to the side, where he could hear heavy breathing.

Denmark lay there, he must have fallen asleep at one point, Norway could see traces of tears on his cheeks.

He'd cried? Norway thought. It was kind of hard to think, he had a terrible headache, and his body felt very heavy.

Nonetheless, he silently tried to get up, which was absolutely impossible, so he just lay still.

Even though it was hard, he tried to think: he had to get away, he concluded. That cut had somehow gotten him on other thoughts than normally. He couldn't stay with Denmark. If he didn't kill him, he'd just end up taking his own life, and despite his earlier actions, he actually didn't want that.

If he wanted to get away unnoticed, he had to come up with an exceptionally good plan, because Denmark was sleeping right next to him, and he could barely move a muscle without his whole body complaining.

He just had to get out either quickly or silently, both seem rather unrealistic, with Norway in his current state, though he ended up going with the latter.

First of he tried to see if he could move his arm, it hurt a lot, but he was at least able to lift it a bit into the air.

Next came the legs, he wasn't even sure if they could hold his weight, luckily he wasn't too big.

He tried to lift his legs. It was like the air around him pressed him to the bed, like gravity was way stronger than normal.

He tried to swing his legs over the edge of the bed. They fell heavily to the floor, dragging Norway down in the process. He landed on the floor with a crash causing a commotion.

Denmark woke up immediately, jumping off the bed and running around it to Norways side.

"Are you alright?" He almost yelled, alarmed.

Norway had shut his eyes, not showing the unendurable pain he was feeling. "I'm okay," he spoke through gritted teeth.

"You don't sound very okay to me," Denmark spoke gently as he picked Norway up in his arms, bridal style.

"P-put me down!" Norway mentally slapped himself for the stuttering and for letting his voice shake.

Denmark obeyed and put him on the bed.

"Do you want something to eat?" He asked casually.

Norway was just about to say no, when he came up with an idea: The kitchen was in the other end of the house, if he was fast he could maybe get the time to run out of the house.

"Alright," he answered.

"Okay! I'll be right back!" Denmark beamed and left the room in a hurry, leaving Norway alone with free access to the unlocked door.

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