Forlad mig ikke (English) APH

Norway doesn't know if he can stay with Denmark, who is becoming more and more violent by the days.


4. Chapter 4

Denmark stood in shock, looking down at the lifeless body in front of him. He couldn't understand what he saw, couldn't comprehend it. How did it ever come to this? What had he done? What kind of ignorant idiot was he? His brain bombarded him with a million more questions, but he just stood there, stock still, not moving at all.

The silence hit him. It was broken only by his beating heart and breath, and something else. A hitched breath.

He sat down next the body and put his head to the heart, as he'd expected there was a faint beating, very faint.

He tried to shake the poor guy, but did not get the desired response. No sign of life besides the weak beating heart.

He tried shaking him again, still no response.

Then he saw it, the wrist. A gasp left his mouth, he didn't remember doing this, looking down at the still body he couldn't imagine Norway doing this to himself, but after all he'd done. What an idiot he was.

He quickly found lots of paper and gauze, pushing down on the wound with the paper, he tried his best to wrap the gauze around it. It took him some time to get it right. When he was finished he began cleaning his other wounds, like he usually did when it all was over.

When finished with that too, he took the lifeless body in his arms and carried him to the house's bed. Once there he gently put him down and sat beside him, slowly stoking his hair, like in some kind of trance.

There he sat for what seemed like an eternity, just waiting for his love to open his pretty blue eyes.

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