Forlad mig ikke (English) APH

Norway doesn't know if he can stay with Denmark, who is becoming more and more violent by the days.


3. Chapter 3

Why was everything double? Denmark wondered, as he walked down the badly illuminated street, that mostly looked like something from the war. It was odd, but did it usually look like this? It seemed familiar, but somehow there was something else. Something he had forgotten, which he shouldn't forget. But he somehow did, unknowing that the harsh truth once again was going to kick him in the face, hard.

He continued down the street, not really knowing where he was going, just knowing that this was the right way. Everything felt a bit weird, wonder what the reason was.

It was late night, though it was nice weather, not too cold, such a nice summer night. The night sky looked incredibly, but of course Denmark never even thought about turning his gaze upwards. He was too interested in how in the world he was able to breathe without opening his mouth, and soon found out that his nose had that function too, when he sneezed.

Still something seemed wrong, but didn't he do this every night? He stopped up, and thought back. Almost every night, but what did he do the other nights? He tried thinking back. There was another presence, but it was vague, did it talk? What was it? Blond hair. Like his own. Little, fragile. This seemed familiar. Norge. Norway..?


His train of thought ended, just as it was predicted, likes a kick in the head, and a hard one at that.

He remembered everything. Norge.. He thought, what did I do?

He began running, not stopping before he got inside the house.

The first thing that hit him was the smell, he could regonize that smell everywhere. Blood.

He ran in the direction of the odor. Soon realizing he was way too late when he finds Norways lifeless body in a pool of blood and mirror shards.

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