Forlad mig ikke (English) APH

Norway doesn't know if he can stay with Denmark, who is becoming more and more violent by the days.


2. Chapter 2


Norway clenched his hand, not thinking about the pain shooting through his arm, due the endorphin, he couldn't feel much pain anymore at all, just numbness.

The thick red liquid running down his arm stained the floor and himself. He looked down and watched the blood hit the floor, drop after drop.

He turned a fascinated look to the shard in his clenched hand, opened the hand and grabbed the piece.

He sat there for a while just looking at the shard, forgetting everything else, everyone. Even him.

Then he moved his hand to his other arm, and put the piece down on the bruised skin on his wrist.

The physical pain was non-existent, but the mental rushed over him like a wave in a storm. He couldn't do this anymore.

He pressed down on the shard, and drew in along his underarm.

The blood trickled down his arm and hit the floor.

The next thing he saw was darkness.

Pure black.

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