Forlad mig ikke (English) APH

Norway doesn't know if he can stay with Denmark, who is becoming more and more violent by the days.


1. Chapter 1


Warning: Abuse, violence etc.

It only took one wrong enquiry to get him to snap.

That was when you shouldn't be near him, but there was no place to hide anymore. No place to run to, no one who cared. He was all alone with this ticking bomb and there was nothing he could do about it. He still love him, he was just not the same anymore. The power had gotten to him, taken over his being, made him go insane sometimes. The only thing Norway could do for him was to stay with him, embrace him in the aftermath and whisper soothing words in his ears. And the former Scandinavian king would tremble and sob into Norway's chest. Beg him to stay, but even if he wanted where could he run to? He was forced to stay, both by Denmark, but also by himself. How could he possibly leave the man he loved? Did he still love him? That seemed like a more important question. No matter what, it didn't really matter, it'd be better if he didn't think about it.

Denmark had gotten up from his seat at the table and was by Norway's side in two seconds, slapping his cheek so hard he fell to the floor. It only took him a second to get on his feet then he was brutally slapped again. This procedure repeated itself until Norway wasn't able to get up by himself. Denmark then began kicking him in his lower abdomen, which resulted in Norway doubling over.

This was normal. It may sound odd, but it was a normal occurrence that became more frequent by the days.

Norway closed his eyes and tried to distance himself from what was happening to his body. He tried to concentrate on the rain falling outside the windows. Since when was it raining? It had been so lovely weather the past few days. It had been quiet days. It was like Denmark's mood was tied to the weather. Too bad that this storm wasn't a typical summer storm, that dissolves as quickly as it begins. But there really wasn't anything to do about it. He just had to wait. It didn't hurt that much anymore, the endorphin blocked out the pain. More or less.

It felt like an eternity before the beating stopped. It must have been hours. Norway waited till he heard the door slam shut, before he opened his eyes. At first he couldn't concentrate his gaze at anything in particular. He only saw blurs everywhere.

After a while his sight returned to normal. The next thing he tried was to sit up. A white pain shot through his body and he stopped midway in the motion. This procedure took a long time. After a while he was able to stand up and he limped to the bathroom, almost falling twice. This was worse than it used to be. But like every time, he would walk out the door and come back several hours later. Intoxicated and tired. And as soon as he saw Norway limp on the floor he would apologize over and over again while cleaning his wounds.

Norway looked into the mirror. He looked miserably. His hair was tousled, his cheeks were red and covered in bruises. The worst thing was his eyes. He couldn't even look into them.

In an angered outburst he hit his clenched fist against the mirror. It shattered. He whimpered quietly and shut his eyes as he hit the floor, together with thousand pieces of glass. When he opened his heavily-lidded eyes again, he took a piece of glass and looked at it." So beautiful and dangerous at the same time." He whispered to himself.

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