Is It Really Love? (Sequel to Not Once But Twice)

Starr, Harry and Luke are figuring out how to make the relationship work with the baby on the way. While Ellie is trying to decide if she truly loves Niall, things are getting confusing but what makes it worse as is an old school friend comes into the picture and is threatening to take the guys away from them. Will Louis or Zayn fall in love with her? As Louis and Zayne fight for one girl, there's more problems with the band, will someone leave?


2. Results

Starr's P.O.V.

I was sat on the couch curled up with Luke watching a film when my phone rang.


Miss Hawkes we have your results

You do, really okay who's the father?

When I said the word father Luke sat up straight and took my hand in his, I could tell he wants to be the father.

Well as you expected the father is of course Mr Styles.

Oh okay thank you doctor

I hung up and I turned to Luke.

"Im so sorry" I had tears streaming down my eyes.

"It's alright we'll sort this out don't you worry" he took me in his arms and held me close.

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