Is It Really Love? (Sequel to Not Once But Twice)

Starr, Harry and Luke are figuring out how to make the relationship work with the baby on the way. While Ellie is trying to decide if she truly loves Niall, things are getting confusing but what makes it worse as is an old school friend comes into the picture and is threatening to take the guys away from them. Will Louis or Zayn fall in love with her? As Louis and Zayne fight for one girl, there's more problems with the band, will someone leave?


7. Rehearsals

Starr's P.O.V

I cant believe this there just going to kick me out when im 6 months pregnant just cause Ellie walks out, how could they! Thinking to myself usually helps but no, its not working I need something to do.

"Harry go away" I could hear him breath in the door way, just stood there probably waiting for me to calm down.

"No, and your not going to your family in the south your going to stay here and I'll find us an apartment in this area" he seems so set on that I'm not going to run off to my family...huh what does he know.

"I'll give you four days , then im moving away" I turned my back and sat on the bed.

"Fine four days it is, anyway I have to go to rehearsals cause Ellie wrote us a new song that none of us know" he said bye , kissed me on the head and went with the rest of them.

Ellie's P.O.V

I now have Ashleigh begging to come, she's standing in the doorway not letting me go till I say yes and to be honest I'm going to have to say yes I have 10 minutes to get there and it takes me 20 minutes eurrggg.

"Fine Ashleigh you can come but you must not distract the guys or me while we're singing okay" I look at her in the eyes , she's so full of glee and happiness right now.

"Thank you thank you thank you " she jumps up and down.

I push her out the door and into my car. God this is going to be a long day, maybe she could help.

I got there 5 minutes late and by the looks of it the guys weren't here so Simon would be more angry with them then me, so I was happy. I parked the car and I told Ashleigh the basic's to sit quietly and I'll introduce her to the guys when they appear. Walking into the office Simon was sat there looking really impatient but he had a smile on his face when I appeared till he saw who was behind me.

"Simon before you say anything I'm late and I've brought a friend her name is Ashleigh, Ashleigh this Simon" there the hard part done, Simon didn't say anything he just smiled and nodded.

"Alright then Ellie the boys aren't here I was kind of expecting them to be with you" I could see where he was coming from, since I had been signed here me and guys have been inseparable but ever since the pregnancy its been hard.

"well I don't live with them no more, I only text Zayn and Louis so sorry I don't now where about they are" He seemed a little concerned but i gave him an encouraging smile then I heard the bell for the elevator.

"Hey sweet cheeks" Louis it had to be. I turned round and ran into his arms for a big hug then Zayn joined in, god I miss these hugs.

I broke free and stood next to Ashleigh who was staring at Liam then she stomped on my foot. 

"Oww shit Ashleigh god that hurt. Fine alright...... Liam, Zayn, Harry, Louis this is Ashleigh" they all smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek with a little hug... oh wait did i miss someone out yeah Niall. " Im actually staying with Ashleigh for a bit till i find my own place, we've known each other since school"

"Ellie can we talk" Niall said from behind my, I looked at Louis with a  glare who looked at Simon as if to say ' get her in the booth'

"Actually Ellie would you like to practice your new song" I nodded to Simon, walked past Niall and sung my new song 'Loving You'.

While I was singing that the guys looked over the song I wrote for them knowing that they actually hadn't looked at it till now.

When I came out, I was pulled to the side by Niall.

"What" I pushed him away from me, not needing this from him now.

"I'm sorry alright, all the guys are we're kicking Starr out we want you back" he tries to grab my hand but I'm not going to be that easy.

"I'm not coming back, so why don't you go rehearse that song I wrote you guys" I walked away from him and went back to the group.  


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