Is It Really Love? (Sequel to Not Once But Twice)

Starr, Harry and Luke are figuring out how to make the relationship work with the baby on the way. While Ellie is trying to decide if she truly loves Niall, things are getting confusing but what makes it worse as is an old school friend comes into the picture and is threatening to take the guys away from them. Will Louis or Zayn fall in love with her? As Louis and Zayne fight for one girl, there's more problems with the band, will someone leave?


6. OMG

Ellie's P.O.V

I woke up the next morning to Ashleigh screaming, telling me to wake up. I open my eyes and she's there jumping on the bed with my phone in her hand.

"OH..MY..GOD" Realising I was finally wake she decided to get off my bed and sit down.

"What time is it?" I asked trying to keep my eyes from shutting.

"Its only 9:30"  She said not even thinking, I don't usually wake up till gone twelve cause of Niall and I'm now waking up at half nine. Kill me.

"What do you want?" I ask just so she would get out

"Well your phone has been going off all morning and its been driving me insane" she handed me my phone. " You have over a hundred messages from Niall Horan and Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson also Simon fucking Cowell"

I looked at her as if it was nothing then realising it was a big deal to her, I hadn't told her anything about me and One Direction cause to be honest it really hadn't occurred to me. I looked down to my phone went straight passes Liam's and Niall's texts and went to look at Louis's. Wow he was really worried, me and Louis we're like family he is like my best friend and my brother.

Ellie please tell me where you are so I can come to get you- Louis

Louis I'm fine , I'm at my friends apartment where I am staying for a couple of nights, you can come over as long as its just you- Ellie

Finally you reply, I've been so worried Niall he's going crazy please see him and answer Simon- Louis

I'll talk to Niall when I'm ready and I'm just reading his messages now- Ellie

I sent the text and then started to read Simons. OMG I'm late !

I literally jumped out of bed and ran to the shower, having Ashleigh yell from behind me.

"Ellie what's going on?" she yelled.

"I'm late" I'm now rushing to get washed, running my hands through my hair with the shampoo and quickly getting dressed.

"Ellie calm down, what are you late for?" Ashleigh is now grabbing me my the shoulders and trying to calm me down.

"I'm... late.. for Simon and my rehearsals" I breath.

This just happened to make her even more gob smacked, she just stood there with her mouth open in complete shock.

Nialls P.O.V

"Come on Niall you basically just stood there while she walked out of the door" Liam was shouting at me.

"OMG no I didn't I was in the room unpacking her things trying to get her to stay" I yelled back.

"You've been ignoring her since Starr and the pregnancy" at this point Louis came in and so did harry.

"Come on guys stop arguing, Liam its all of our fault we all ignored her" Louis is trying to be the good guy when one of my 'best friends' is trying to steal my girl. Then we all heard it, Louis ringtone for Ellie, everyone looked at him as he answered.

"Okay well she's fine and before you say anything she isn't going to talk to you, she is going to see Simon today though" He told us. "Please just stop arguing, Harry get Starr out of here and into her apartment" we where all shocked at by what he said , Louis isn't that kind of guy to kick someone out when we they needed us.

"Oh that's nice kick out the pregnant girl" Starr had just come into the room and had tears in her eyes.

"Ellie has been here for us for months Starr, and you come in after you've been dumped and just think you can get back together with Harry" Zayn came into the room so quietly and said to her.

"Fine I'll go to my family down south" she said and walked out.

"I hate this, we all argue I thought this was a family but oh no one of us gets a girl pregnant we basically turn our back on the girl that we all love and the girl that protects us" I said and walked out the house.

I need to find her. 

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