Is It Really Love? (Sequel to Not Once But Twice)

Starr, Harry and Luke are figuring out how to make the relationship work with the baby on the way. While Ellie is trying to decide if she truly loves Niall, things are getting confusing but what makes it worse as is an old school friend comes into the picture and is threatening to take the guys away from them. Will Louis or Zayn fall in love with her? As Louis and Zayne fight for one girl, there's more problems with the band, will someone leave?


8. Number One Fan

Ashleigh's P.O.V

Oh my god I cant believe Ellie know One Direction! Never in a million years did I expect this, sitting next to Liam Payne and Zayn Malik I think I might die. But no I must stay calm.

I saw Ellie walk away with Niall, are they a thing? No way they could be but then again she didn't seem too happy when she came back out just a minute ago. God I need to stop thinking to myself.

"Err Liam.... whats the song Ellie wrote you?" he turned to me with those amazing eyes of his wow they really do sparkle.

"Well she wrote the song about all of us guys and what we've been through the past year" wow Ellie is a singer, song writer and a friend of One Direction. "Ashleigh are you alright you went really quiet"

"Oh yeah im fine , this is kinda like a dream come true for me" Did I really just say that.

"Oh right so you must be a fan" Harry Styles is talking to me!

"Noo..... Not just a fan Ashleigh claims herself to be the number one fan" yurp I sure do, thank goodness no one can hear my thoughts.

"Oh right so what songs are your favourites?" Louis came over and sat down on the opposite sofa. He sure does like stripes but then again they do go really well on him.

" I don't have one, I love them all, but if I did have to pick on it would be .........They don't know about us" They all seemed shocked as if I said something wrong. "what .. what did I say?"

"Nothing that's the first we ever heard a fan say they love that song" Harry spoke.

"Well I love it, i listen to it everyday" okay now i sound like a complete geek.

"Unlucky for Ellie then huh" Niall said.

"Why's that?" she hasn't complained so far but then again its only been a few days.

"Cause that's the one she dislikes the most" and they all started laughing, why were they laughing!

"What why?" i was shocked at why she hadn't said anything

"I just don't like it okay can we leave it at that" i know i wasn't going to get anything out of her now so i just nodded and smiled.

"So number one fan huh" Simon said as he walked into the room.

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