Is It Really Love? (Sequel to Not Once But Twice)

Starr, Harry and Luke are figuring out how to make the relationship work with the baby on the way. While Ellie is trying to decide if she truly loves Niall, things are getting confusing but what makes it worse as is an old school friend comes into the picture and is threatening to take the guys away from them. Will Louis or Zayn fall in love with her? As Louis and Zayne fight for one girl, there's more problems with the band, will someone leave?


1. Arguing

*2 Months past*

Starr's P.O.V.

Luke and Harry are arguing again, they never seem to have stopped. This time its about the baby and where its going to stay, first it was about me and how It can't be possible that Harry was the father and he insisted on taking a DNA test.


"Yes I think I would know who the father of my child is, I'm not some slut you picked up from the road Harry" I recall saying to him.

"I didn't mean it like that, I mean we only did it a couple of times certainly not enough to get you pregnant and you said you where on the pill" he said probably thinking it would calm me down.

"So you want to take a test to make sure your not the father?" I ended up shouting at him.

"Yes....wait no I didn't mean it like that"

"I know exactly what you meant, just go Harry" I ended up in tears.


Walking into the kitchen of the guys apartment was the worse thing I could do, there arguing again but this time about when the test results are going to come back. I slowly try to back out and make sure the guys don't see me.

I walk into the study in the middle of Ellie's rehearsal and she has Niall playing guitar and all the boys sat down listening giving her feed back.

"Guys there arguing again" I sit down and tell everyone.

"No offense Starr but there always doing that just leave them to it they'll sort it out" Liam being all wise told me to do.

"Fine they have to stop arguing sometime" I was the last one to talk and let them get back to practice.

I decided to stay away from Luke and Harry for the rest of the day till they stopped arguing, it was actually the only peace I had all month.




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