Cosy Nights

With something as simple as a mug of hot coco and a book, a night in a coffee shop isn't too bad. There's something to read, something to drink, and you still get the ability to stay cosy and warm. Everyone knows it's easy to find your favourite drink in a coffee shop, but who knew it was the place to find love easily.


1. Chapter 1.

Cosy Nights


The strong aroma of coffee circled the air as the bustling people made their way in and out of the coffee shop. The Coffee House was Cara Edward’s favourite coffee shop, a little place she often visited when she needed to stop and think. It could be about relationships, friendship, or it could just be to sit and wonder about the people around her. She was intrigued when watching the people as they came and went with their warm drinks, especially during the cold winter months.

She always noticed a variation of different groups within the winter months compared to the warm, summer ones. There were always a few of the same people during every season, Cara being one of them, along with the business men and women, but during winter, there were even more. Everyone tended to go to the Coffee House in winter for a sip of the warm, delicious coffee that they sold.

Cara continued to watch with a mug of hot coco in front of her, a shot of espresso to the side and a good book in her hands. Cara always sat in the same spot where she had good assess to see the door and everyone entering. At the same time, she allowed herself to be away from the opening door so the cold breeze wouldn’t hit her. Instead, she sat by one of the heaters near to the back of the small room in the leather comfy chairs. Cara loved her spot. She could get both peace and mayhem from the same area, depending on how she was feeling.

However, today told a different story. Cara hadn’t come to the Coffee House to people watch, nor had she come to reflect on her thoughts. For once, she had come to see someone. It was something that rarely happened with the small, timid girl.

“Would you like another cup?” Luke, one of the workers at the Coffee House asked as he made his way over to Cara's table.

Cara lifted herself up the seat so that she wasn’t so slouched and looked at her drinks. She was so lost in the book, she hadn’t even noticed that they were both empty. “Yes please Luke,” she smiled at the friendly waiter, “Just a hot coco, but this time, could I have some whipped cream on the top?”

“I’ll see what I can do for you,” he smiled, taking away her empty mugs on a tray along with a few others.

As he left, Cara buried her nose deeper into her book and smiled to herself. She loved how friendly all of the staff at the Coffee House were, especially to her. Not only was she a regular to the coffee shop, but she was also each employees friend, someone they could talk to when the place quietened down.

Soon, Luke arrived back at the table with Cara’s drink, whipped cream piling high on top. As he set down the mug, he too sat down on the chair opposite the mousy brown haired women with his own mug in front of him.

“Finally finished your shift?” Cara asked the young, dark haired man.

Luke nodded back at her in response, showing his pearly white teeth as he smiled at Cara. “Sorry for making you wait so long,” he sighed, quickly taking a sip of his hot drink before continuing, “it got pretty hectic as I was about to finish.”

Cara shook her head and looked up at him. A smile playing on her lips as she saw the foam around Luke's mouth from his drink. Instead of telling him though, she leaned over the table and reached out, brushing her fingers over his lips. As she went to remove her hand away from his face, he grabbed hold of her, entwining his fingers within hers. They both looked into each others eyes and smiled.

Neither of them would have been able to say a few months previously that they could have found love in a coffee shop. Now they could, because they found each other.


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