Johanna Mason's reaping for the 69th annual Hunger Games


1. Reaping

The cool water splashes my face, its really refreshing and I know it sounds stupid, but it calms my nerves. Im terrified of what can come ahead, im 16 so my name is in that huge glass bowl 5 times compulsory, and then an extra 8 times for the tessarae. 13 times. 13's an unlucky number in the Panem, that district was demolished  for rebelling and they're the reason for this whole stupid thing. If I am reaped, no one would volunteer for me, my older sister , Jenna, is 19 so she is too old and my youngest sister, Jaric, is 7 and even the sadistic Capitol think its too harsh for anyone under 12 to enter The Hunger Games. My  brothers would volunteer for me, but sadly, boys cant volunteer for girls and girls cant volunteer  for boys.

I twist my long, dark hair into a practical bun and slide a golden leaf hairpin to keep it in place and then slip on a knee length red dress, the grandfather clock dongs and indicates that its 1 o clock, my sisters both hug me tightly and Jenna whispers good luck in my ear. My eldest brother, Jack, picks me up and twists me round in the air, I scream "Jack, stop it!" but the sound of my laughter overpowers my screams. He slides me onto his back and he carries me to the town center and drops me down in front of the Peacekeepers, my laughing stops immediately and I state my name as confidently as I can, they prick my finger with a sharp needle and I woozily stagger to the girls section.

I look across to the boys section and scan it for my brothers, I make eye contact with my twin brother, Joseph, and mouth 'Good luck to him' and then I scan further towards the back to find Jack, I smile at him and he looks puzzled, but smiles back. Then, District 7's escort arrives on stage, his green hair in odd spikes, he's called Tomas Jenkins, he shows us the 'War, Terrible War' video, clears his throat and dips his hand in the girls reaping bowl. A few seconds later, he makes his way back to the mike and announces the female tribute. Johanna Mason.

I can hear my mother scream as I make my way up to the stage, I must act confident, theyre airing all this live through out the Capitol so if I make myself look weak, its not going to help me getting sponsors. Tomas then goes to the boys bowl and draws out a name. When he announces it, I run over to the girls reaping bowl and throw up in it. Its Joseph Mason. My twin brother, and now I'll be in a competition where I'll have to kill him. You can hear all my families cries as other families try to comfort them.

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