Dear Diary...

This is the diary of J.S. a girl that faces alot of problems in life..


2. 12/26/2013


Dear diary,

Oh my gosh today was the most horriblest day EVER. My dad raped me again and on top of that my mom beat me for 'seducing' my dad into fucking me. She threw things at me and threw me like i was a piece of shit. I just want to die. No one wants me not even my parents. And while i was walking outside to get some air Brian (my crush since 6th grade) had threw a snowball with a rock in it at me and laughed and walked away. I HATE it here. I already cut myself today. My arms and legs are covered in cuts. I thought it was the easiest way to get out of here but my mom caught me and made me get in a bathtub full of lemon juice and salt and sit there the rest of the night. It hurts so bad:.( Since the dont want me the why dont they let me just end my life. I am bullied 24/7, A group of girls made a hate group on facebook about me and the only friend i have is you. Everyone thinks that i am happy all the time but in reality i am not. I just really hope i die in my sleep tonite cause life isnt great anymore. I am fat and ugly and no guy will ever love a slob like me. I cant even get real friends and i dont even have real parnets that love and care for me:.( Looks like my mother has a baseball bat coming towards my room i guess i will write tommorow if i am still alive:/.


J.S. :.(

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