Dear Diary...

This is the diary of J.S. a girl that faces alot of problems in life..


1. 12/25/2013

Dear diary,

Hi my name is J.S. .. I am 16 years old and this is my christmas present. I have a lot of problems so i hope you are willing to listen. My parnets are normal but my brother isnt.. He is mentaly insane. He tried to kill me not to long ago.. I am not playing he grabbed a knife and stabbed me in my chest.. I am okay though but my brother is in a mental instutition right now.. I love my brother so much and he couldnt help that he did that.. The police was thinking of taking me away from my parnets but they fought to keep me. Now i am here with my parnets that pay almost no attention to me well my dad does but not in a good way.. Last year he raped me while my mom was away on vacation with friends at the moment and didnt know about this.. He took me out of the shower and started kissing me and touching me in the wronge ways. I tried to fight him off but it was no use. As soon as he put it in there i screamed in pain. He kept making me call him daddy and act like i liked it.. It was horrible. Then my mom got paid by these men to take me for the night and she took the money. We were poor and needed money so she sold me for sex almost everyday. Sometimes i would get lucky and get a guy that was cute and that i really wanted to fuck, but most of the time they were old perverts and it wasnt good at all. Thank you for listening diary you are my only friend. Oh my gosh my dad is coming i have to go bye.



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