Big Ears Aren't Ugly...

A story about a girl with no confidence and one motto... big ears aren't ugly tiful she places her life making up stories around the saying



The Start

Well let me just introduce myself. I'm called Lilly Medlin (I know wierd name!) and I have long flowing bright red (or ginger whatever you want to call it) hair. It's very long, all most to my waist if i don't tie it up. My skin is almost paper white except for my face where you can only just see my skin colour around my nose as there is so many freckles. I have (some people say startilingly) green eyes. They stand out on my face like a black cat in a snow storm (if it's not covered in snow). I am very tall and skinny, some people say lanky but I don't particually like the term.

I dress slightly gothic with lots of black. My out fit today is a black top with a cream flower on, my trousers black denim and lots of black khol round my eyes with a deep red lipstick. On my feet are some black doc martins customised with mini different coloured flowers that I'd hand painted myself. I am very artistic. I love scetching and drawing, I'm top of the class in art and english for that matter as my imagination is the most active out of everybody in my school. Well it's not that hard as most people in my school are brain dead any way! All though some people posses the cleverness charm. Un fortunetly they are not my friend so they use thier cleverness to bully me. they bully me every day, shout names at me, swear at me (for no good reason), tell me I'm useless and I'm not good for this planet! And that's not even most of it! They make my life a misery - and having no fiends doesn't help either. They're all to scared of the bullys, well Marcia Leggi really. She's the leader. Everybody has to 'obey' her otherwise thier for it. I was the only one brave enough to stand up to her and she's hated me ever since.


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