secret spy around the world

a spy has to stop Dr. Blade from turning everyone into candy


1. my whole story

In a machine factory in Gumminoppolis, Candyland, Dr. Blade was making a device that could turn everyone into aquamarine candy(his favorite candy).  But he didn't have the right ingredients, so he had to go places no man or candy had ever gone before.  Spike, a secret spy for the SSSOC, super secret spies of Candyland, is trying to stop Dr. Blade.  Dr. Blade worked on his device for long time, but he still needed the rest of the ingredients so he got in his gummy jet fighter and went to the portal to the real world.  The ingredients were in the real world so he had to go there.  Spike can't let him get the ingredients so he follows Dr. Blade to the real world.

They ended up in Astana, Kazakhstan where the first ingredient was located.  "Where are we?"they both asked.

"Oh, we're near the first ingredient I need for my device.  hehehe"Dr. Blade exclaimed.  The ingredient was at the top of a mountain 14,000 feet high.  Dr. Blade had to get the ingredient to make his device, so he started up the mountain.  moments afterwards Spike jumped on him and they rolled down the mountain.  Dr. Blade punched Spike in the face and started up the hill again.  Spike got off the ground and chased him.  Dr. Blade was too fast for Spike to catch.  They were  about halfway up when they saw an avalanche headed towards them.  They both screamed in terror.  When it hit them they tried to hang on to some trees but the snow was too powerful.  Spike found a cave to dive into but Dr. Blade kept on rolling.  Dr. Blade rolled for awhile until he hit a boulder that kept him from rolling any further.

When the avalanche passed, Dr. Blade made a rope out of licorice he found in his pocket, lassoed a tree high up the mountain, and started climbing.  Spike had to dig his way out of the cave that had been covered by snow from the avalanche.  He couldn't see Dr. Blade so he had too think of a way to get up the mountain fast.  He remembered he had a jet pack powered by snow, so he pressed a button on his belt and a jet pack popped up on his back. 

"Ah ha"he exclaimed.  He stuffed the jet pack full of snow, started the engine, and started up the mountain.  As spike was flying up the mountain a giant snowball hit him and he fell to the ground.  He got up and saw Dr. Blade laughing. So he threw a snow ball at Dr. Blade, but that didn't matter because Dr. Blade could already see the first ingredient, a blue gemmed egg. The egg was at the top of a tall tree in a nest. Dr. Blade climbed the tree and got the egg. After he got the egg Spike got to the top to stop him but he already made a sled and was sledding down the hill.



”noooooooo!” yelled Spike. So, Spike had to catch him so Dr. Blade didn't get his device to work. Spike then jumped on his stomach and sled down the mountain like a penguin. Then he turned on his jetpack he was sledding on his stomach super duper fast. He went so fast that he crashed into Dr. Blade and broke seven trees.


When Spike got up, Dr. Blade was far ahead of him. So he had to sprint to catch up. When Spike almost got him, he started to sprint faster so spike couldn’t get him. They did this for a good three miles, until they got to the airport. They decided to stop fighting until they were off the plane. So they got on a plane to Dublin, Ireland and when they got off the plane Dr. Blade knock spike out. Dr. Blade rented a car, put spike in the trunk, drove to the store, stole a scuba suit, and then drove off to the sea.


His next ingredient was the eye of the blue gemmed fish which was extremely rare. Then he took spike out of the trunk and threw him in the water to wake him up. When Spike woke up his hands and feet were tied together so he couldn't get up. Dr. Blade kicked Spike in the face and put on his scuba suit. After that he jumped in the water and swam to the bottom to find the fish’s eye which took him an hour. That gave Spike a lot of time to use his pocket knife to cut himself free. Then he put on the spare oxygen tank Dr. Blade forgot to dispose of, and swam to the bottom of the ocean.


Spike saw lots of fish, a huge coral reef, and lots of caves. It smelled like rotten fish. Then he saw Dr. Blade trying to get the blue gemmed eye out of the fish, so he swam to try and stop Dr. Blade. Dr. Blade was so surprised that Spike was down here he dropped the fish. Then the fish got away and Spike went after the fish and Dr. Blade just stood there murmuring”but but but…”then he let it go and went to chase the fish. Dr. Blade was gaining on Spike and the fish was too fast for them both. Dr. Blade tried to throw something at it but it didn’t work because of the water. So they just had to chase it. When Dr. Blade got in front of Spike he took out a dagger and tried to stab him. But spike stepped back and said “whoa.” so he took out a dagger too. They were fighting until the fish came back. Then Dr. Blade cut Spikes arm, grabbed the fish, and took it to the surface. The blood spread everywhere. When Spike was a little better he tried to swim to the surface, but because of his cut arm he when really slow. So when he got to the surface Dr. Blade was gone.


He got up and when someone saw him they called an ambulance. But by the time the ambulance got there Spike had gone running off to catch Dr. Blade. Luckily Spike put a GPS chip on Dr. Blade so he could track him. Dr. Blade had to find a way to get back to Candyland to get the last ingredient, the heart of the blue gemmed dodo bird. Dr. Blade had good and bad ideas, like if he jumped high enough something would happen or if he held his breathe for a long time something would happen. But all his ideas failed.


Spike saw Dr. Blade and snuck up to him and said ”boo!” and Dr. Blade screamed like a little girl. At that time Dr. Blade had found a way to get back to Candyland, it was a little rectangle device that had a button and an antenna but he drop it when he screamed. So he picked it up, pressed the button, and a portal appeared. Spike tackled Dr. Blade into it. They ended up in Gumminopolis, Candyland where Dr. Blade could get the last ingredient and make it. Also where Spike could stop him and put him in jail. “Home sweet home.” they both said. Dr. Blade couldn’t get up because Spike was sitting on him. So Dr. Blade pushed Spike off of him and started running towards turtle rock were the last ingredient was.


Dr. Blade was running until he tripped on a rock and let Spike get ahead. Spike knew Dr. Blade was faster than him, so he ran as fast he could and when Dr. Blade was too close Spike threw rocks at him. When Spike got to turtle rock he couldn’t find the dodo bird. Then he looked under the rock and found a big fat dodo bird and picked it up. He had keep it safe from Dr. Blade so he pressed a button on his belt and a backpack popped up and he put the dodo bird in it. When Dr. Blade got there he was surprised to see no dodo bird. So when he saw Spike with the backpack running he knew Spike had the dodo bird.


So Dr. Blade started to run after Spike and was about to catch him when a rock avalanche from a nearby mountain separated them. Dr. Blade climbed the rocks but he couldn’t see Spike. Dr. Blade looked and looked but he couldn’t find Spike. Finally he dug up some rocks and found Spike knocked out. So he snatched the backpack and ran to his lab. When Spike woke up he found the backpack missing so he knew that Dr. Blade took it. Spike also knew that Dr. Blade was at his lab because that is the only place he could make his device. So he started on his journey to Dr. Blade’s lab.


On the journey he met a man named bob, and bob had found a way into Dr. Blade’s lab. No one else knew about it and Spike wanted to know fast. But bob said “It will cost you.”


And Spike said “I don’t care just tell me!”

So bob said “In that cave over there there’s a door to the right and if you go in it it will lead you to the lab. That will be five candy canes.” Spike gave him five candy canes, ran to the cave, open the door, and ran through it. Spike found a tunnel that did lead to Dr. Blade’s lab but it was cover by a force field. He tried all of his gadgets but none of them worked. Spike tried punching and kicking but that just made his hands and feet hurt. Spike didn’t know what to do, he was doomed, and he failed his mission. Then he remembered a tool his boss put in his backpack for special accessions. Spike thought this was a pretty special accession so he took it out and it said power saw. He used it to cut the force field and get in but it was too late. Dr. Blade had already made the device and had tested it on most of the stuff in his lab. The device looked like a gun and was labeled candy ray gun. He started eating every single piece of aquamarine candy in his lab.


Then Dr. Blade spotted Spike and tried to shoot him with the ray gun. But Spike was too fast for him to shoot. Spike tried to hide behind Dr. Blade’s inventions, but Dr. Blade just turn them into aquamarine candy and ate them. Spike pressed a button on his belt and a shield popped up on his sleeve. He then charged at Dr. Blade, and when Dr. Blade tried to zap Spike he just deflected it with his shield. When he got to Dr. Blade he hit him with the shield. The ray gun went flying into the air and they both ran to it. But instead of getting the ray gun they bumped into each other and fell to the ground. Then they got up and started running after the ray gun. Spike tripped Dr. Blade and on the fall he grabbed Spike’s ankle and they fell. Spike got up first but Dr. Blade was still hanging on to his ankle so Spike was dragging Dr. Blade to the ray gun. Spike then realized he was dragging Dr. Blade so he kicked him off and started running again. Dr. Blade got up and started chasing Spike.


Spike got the ray gun and tried to shoot Dr. Blade but he couldn’t because Dr. Blade was too fast to shoot. Then Dr. Blade crept up behind Spike and punch him, took the ray gun, and tried to shoot him but he had the shield up so it just deflected off of him. Spike got up and Dr. Blade was still shooting. One of the rays from the ray gun bounced of the shield, hit one of Dr. Blade’s inventions, hit the shield again, and then hit Dr. Blade. Dr. Blade was turned into aquamarine candy and Spike went outside. Spike put caution tape around the whole building, locked the building, put a sign that said DO NOT ENTER (EVER), and just walked away

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