Jam and Ba

A girl that lost her parents. A girl who found a cat. A girl...


4. The Wait and The Bus

      I sit and wait, and waited, and waited, and waited.... Is it twelve yet? I look at the sun, it looks as if noon, the sun was on top of my head. Noon, where is the bus? I wait. And get bored. I'm still in the desert, so I pickup a pile of sand and played with it. Tossed it from hand to hand. Then threw it across the street. I sit on the ground and try molding the sand into a castle. But the wouldn't stick together, so I spit on it. That didn't help, it also hit my hand. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW



    I shake my hand until the spit falls out, gross. I look to see how much time has passed, the sun didn't move. Ugh. I don't see a village nearby. So I sit, and wait. And fall asleep. I wake up what seems like instantly and look at the sky, the moon shows, and it's close to my head, so it's almost mid-night. I was about to go to sleep again but there was a loud honk. It was a bus, it stopped right by me. And the driver opened the door, the driver lost three of his teeth, for all I could see. His face looked burned, but he has paled skin, so white you could mistake him as slender man, well by his face. He looked fat and his legs were really small. His arms were rather long. 

    "Climb aboard" the driver said in a clunked voice, food fell from his mouth as he spoke. Those plumbers have been cleaning the wrong toilet. 

     "Ugh..." I step in thinking whether I should.

     "Want food?" he says to me with a bag of chips, hanging from his finger.

     "No thank you," keeping my manners.

     "Nom. Well. Nom. Chew. Your. Nom Chew. Swallow. Loss. Nom Chew. Swallow. Burp," the manner-less driver said between eating. I go to any free seat I see. I look at the passengers and they all look dead or disgusting. One guy with and eye patch and yellow teeth. A bald guy with a hook hand. There were no words to explain the others but one. The was a woman in a beautiful dress. No free seats.

     "Can I sit here?" I ask the pretty lady.

     "OOOOOOOOH" the other passengers gasped and started murmuring.

      "Don't mind them," she said and moved, "Hello, and welcome to the dead bus. How did you die?" Was she joking?

      "Funny," I say in a sarcastic voice.

      "Your funny bone? Well, I committed suicide, I was pushed around buy my husband that always mistreated me but he threatened he would kill me. I let go. Pain is worse," she said in a sad voice.

       "I'm not dead," I say.

       "THAT'S BECAUSE YOUR SOON TO BE!!!!!!!!" the lady hissed and her tongue came out and every part of her turned evil. I jump back into the person on the next chair. Another woman that looked evil.

        "AHHH!! Please don't hurt me!" I beg.

        "I wouldn't hurt you. Stay away from her. But your not dead?" she seemed to jump from subject to subject.

        "Do I have to be?" I ask, utterly confused.

        "We are all dead, only dead people see this bus. This bus shows you how you died," she says hushed, "I died by a house fire."

        "But.. I never died!" I yell.

        "Calm down. Sleep," she waved her hand over my head and I fell in a nice sleep. Though I didn't want to.



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