Jam and Ba

A girl that lost her parents. A girl who found a cat. A girl...


3. Escape this... bag

~ 2 months after current ~      

       I'll destroy him, Mom, I will avenge you. Why would he kill my mom. Jamba, what I yell for help. I wish I knew where he was. The library  old fashion, but reliable. I walk there since its not that far of a walk. I take a paper and place it on the table, it says:

    Going to be home soon, going to the library. Don't come for me. Will be home before mid-night, if not I will bring keys. Don't bother me.


The girl you call Cake

       My writing is sloppy, and they all look slanted. But I leave anyway. Heading to the library wasn't hard except you have to run. But I was tired and walked. I walked and I heard shots firing, people yelling, windows breaking, other broken glasses, dead men, beat up women, children in sacks. I couldn't take it. I ran as fast as I could to the library. But the noise followed me. I ran even faster my legs hurt, I've never been out here alone. I've never been out here. Even faster running. I looked back at a scared kid being pulled away and gold falling out by a ripped bag. A women wearing a diamond ring crying at a dead man lying on the floor. I slowed down into a jog, it overwhelmed me. I stopped. I see dead things. broken, bloody glass. Never go outside. My grandmothers words went through my head. I look back completely soaked of the sadness on this one street. I fell a back on my head and fell unconscious. I woke up, with a serious head ache. AWWWWWWWW MY HEAD! I think holding my head. I looked around, I was in a sack. Roomy, surprisingly. I search through my pockets to find something sharp to rip the bag. But, luck would never be on my side. I started trying to claw it, but my nails were cut and useless. I put my feet to the side and my back to the other and stretch. Trying to stretch it like rubber. This bag was made from leather not rubber sadly. What else is there? The bag flipped over and so did my body. I swear I barfed my brain. But no weird organ on the bags floor. Putting my hands to the bag opening I pushed to open the seal. A small hole not even as big of the tip of my pinkie. I try to peak through and see... Nothing. Gray walls, nothing on the ceiling. I try to open it more. It was harder but I managed. Walking out very slowly, nobody was there. I look at the sack, it was really big, no wonder it was so roomy. But I need to get out. I look around. SO many chosealed in, a small light and window, but seems too small to get through. But it's the only way out, But i can't reach the window, it's at least five feet above me, I reach and stretch and go on my toes but only a finger tip touches the border of the window. I need a stool, or something to act as one. Nothing. The sack wasn't solid enough. I look at the light. The chain was big, rough, and strong. I thought, a stupid thought, Maybe I could climb that rope and swing it and reach the window. No way. But I gotta try, they might beat me. I grab the chain and suddenly forgot how to climb ropes. Those moments when you forget everything when you need it, worse than the moments when you can't find the things when you need it but you see it when you don't. Ugh. One hand held high, other hand below. Then feet? I try and fall. I try another pattern. I know I need to use my hands, feet, climb, and swing.  So many options, now all I think of is math, 16 options, I think. But no time. Think logically, my English teacher says in my head. Hands have to use my hands first, I can't pull or put my feet. I grab the chain, now what? Then... climb? My hands were not strong enough to hold my weight. So my feet needs to go to carry my weight. Hands, feet, ugh. What else? Hands, feet, and ... and what? CLIMB! I instantly think. I starts trying to climb, this chain felt broken and rusty. My hands started to hurt and I got chain burn. But I climb to the middle of the chain, the ceiling was very high which gave me a lot of chain to climb. But I got to a little higher then the middle. And swung, shifted my body weight back and forth. My finger tip touched the border of the window. So close. Swung again, I touched the lock. Swung again,  grabbed the lock and pulled. The lock was off, now I had to open the window. How? I swung almost naturally now. Grabbed, or at least tried to, no luck. I heard noises, sounded like yelling. They were coming. I slid down the chain and now had the worst chain burn ever. I ran into the sack and tried to close it. I hid silently and then get angry at myself. But they came down, and all I heard was yelling and quietness at some moments. Mostly i heard then caring, about me. Talking about how scared I probably am. Why would they care? Then I heard about other children crying and being sent away, were they were going to sell me? The next thing they talked about is how to break it to me... Now I had no idea. Explosions seemed to come in their sentence a lot more then it should. Parents... that's what they brought up next. One argued that they had to, no they didn't. One said how heat broken they are. The other said they should be happy. My face was like this: :O. Well one opened the window, I heard it open. Then a new voice came, that voice said to open the bag. Thankfully they were rebellious. Then there were no more voices, I look through the opening of the bag and they were gone. The window was open as I felt a cool, breezy wind on my face. I climb the rope and swing, and jump off. I land feet first, and I felt as if my knees were broken, but I could still stand up. With loads of pain. But I ran, then walked. I didn't see the house anymore. I look at a bus map on the street. This bus went through my village, but didn't stop there. I sat and waited, I needed to wait for the bus, get on, and walk the rest of the way to my village. Seems legit. I look to see when the bus comes, and it says 12. Alright. I look at the sun to try to tell the time. alright it's almost noon, I think. Does the sun go east or west? I just decided to sit there and wait. 





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