Jam and Ba

A girl that lost her parents. A girl who found a cat. A girl...


2. dad?

~ 1 week after my mothers death ~

      I woke up at six like I do for any school day. Heading straight for the bathroom I found my Dad lying there.

        "Dad, get up. It's not funny Dad," but my dad layed there. I crouch to his chest, his heart, it's still beating. I search his pokets for a phone, but luck never was on my side. I rush down stairs and look around in panic. The home phone sat on the table next to me I swiped it and it fell to the ground. No super slo-mo action like I see in movies. But it fell. I grabbed it from the floor and my thumb pressed 9-1-1 slowly.

       "911 please state your emergency," the operater said, trained in this way.

       "My dad... He's lying on my bathroom floor... His heart is still beating but he won't get up," I say in all one breath and take a huge inhale.



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