Jam and Ba

A girl that lost her parents. A girl who found a cat. A girl...


1. Mom...

I stood infront of the grave crying until I couldn't. I am nothing, but a carry out for thier wants Jam and Ba will regret taking their lives. I'll find them.

~ 16 months ago ~

There was a knock on the door. I never bothered answering it, and continued playing on my Wii. Then the door bell rang. Impatient.

"Who is it?" my mom yelles across the house.

"Probably Uncle Joe," I said.

"Late as always. Answer the door Lyabith!" my mom replied. I get up, go to the door and unlock it. It wasn't Uncle joe. I slammed the door and yelled on my way to the backyard.

"Dad! DAD! Jamba!" I yelled out side. I went to my father and held him. The house shttered and the light was blinding. We ran as we closed our eyes and managed to escape the shattering peices.

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