The World of Goregon

Have you ever imagined a world where people could live underwater and not ever have to come up for air? What about a place where people can fly without a giant machine. Tyler Adams never thought a world like this existed...until his parents dissapeared, only leaving behind a crystal.


2. Wintix

     I found myself waiting alot longer than I had hoped for the crystyal to make another portal. Not long after I started waiting, I fell asleep.

                                                                             *   *   *

     I woke to the sound of a fire. In the middle of the room there was a portal. How it got there...I had no idea. Islung my pack over my shoulder and jumped through. I had about thirty seconds before I was free-falling from a couple hundred feet in the air. Here is the worst part...I was above an ocean. In the next few seconds I hit the water, and suprisingly it didnt hurt at all. Now falling into water like that should have felt like hitting concrete, but if you are expecting a concrete feeling and you get your self all worried and then you dont feel heart felt like it was about to explode! I opened my eyes and i could see as well as if I wasnt underwater. This place is weird. Soon my lungs started to burn (let me tell you, I was not expecting that) and I passed out.

     I dont know how long I was passed out, but when I woke I could breathe again. How? I have no clue. I realized that I was moving, and that I was hanging on to something. I was a seal of some kind. I was being pulled towards some light. After a while I fell asleep. It would be a long time before we get there. And I might not get the chance to sleep again.

                                                                         *   *   *

    When I woke again, I was in something that was similar to a house. It was like a pit in a mountain or something. I was laying on some weird soft, and squishy green thing. There was a man making something in the small kitchen area. When he saw me he came over and said, "Can you understand me?"

     "Yes, why wouldn't I be able to?" I replied slightly confused. He smiled and sat in a chair made out of orange rock.

     "Welcome to Goregon my friend." He said. "My name is Wintix." Oh. This was Wintix. Now that I was awake, and I could see better, I saw that he was a man maybe in his early 30's. "You might want this back." He said, holding out my necklace with the peridot on it.

     "Thank you." I managed to say. I started to put it on and he stopped me.

     "Don't wear that around here. Only certain people have permission to wear those, and if they catch you with it they will kill you."

     "Who is 'they'?" I asked as I put the necklace in my pocket.

     "Well, 'they' is just about everybody. I have a lot to tell you. Please no questions until I'm done." Wintix cleared his throat, "This is Goregon. We live two galaxies away from your planet. That is why you can only get here by portal. There are three countries that divide this planet. There are the people of Nozdar who rule the land, the people of Krotank who rule the sky, and there are the people of Dyran who rule the oceans. Right now you are in one of the largest cities of Dyran. The language we speak is spoken all over the planet. We all speak the language of Monderek. A few years ago, when your kind started showing up here, we outlawed going to your world. I joined a group of people who were supposed to stop your kind from going into our cities and towns. That group of people were required to learn your language, and to use it as a test to see where you were from." Wintix got up and swam to his small kitchen area. When he came back and sat down, he was holding a small cup. He took a sip and continued, "Your parents left with you and your sister a year after you were born. Your dad was my best friend. This country has been after them since, but they found them only a month ago. Any questions?"

     Did he really just ask me that?! I had a billion questions! Most of them would have to wait because this was a really important one, "Where are they now?" I asked after a while.

     "I assume they will be at a work farm for another week or so, and then they will be executed." Wintix said before taking another sip of his drink. I gulped and put my head in my hands. "Don't worry," He began, "I'm going to go get them, and if you can master that gem of yours then you can come too. Now get some rest, I'll wake you up early."

     Wintix got up and was about to leave when I said, "Wait! How can I breathe underwater?"

     Wintix smiled and said, "I used my gem to give you gills. I forgot to tell you, the countries are divided up by the birthstones of the people who live there. Nozdar has January, February, March, and April. Dyran has May, June, July, and August. And Krotank has September, October, November, and December. Your parents left because your sister was born in November and, and when she turned ten, she would have to leave and go to Krotank. Goodnight Tyler." He swam into another room leaving me alone. I was hungry, but that could wait. I lay back down and went to sleep.




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