The World of Goregon

Have you ever imagined a world where people could live underwater and not ever have to come up for air? What about a place where people can fly without a giant machine. Tyler Adams never thought a world like this existed...until his parents dissapeared, only leaving behind a crystal.


1. The Black Room

     My family just moved to Norway. My parents left a month before the rest of the family to start work. It all started the minute I stepped into my new room."This one is so much smaller than my other one." I complained to myself. As I was looking around, I saw something on my bed. It was a small leather pouch. I picked it up an opened it, and inside was a green peridot crystal. Peridot was my birthstone. As soon as I touched the crystal it started to glow. There was also a note inside the pouch."Use the peridot wisely. Wintex is your friend." I read aloud to myself.. When I finnished reading the crystal glowed brighter than before, and about five feet from me a portal popped up. My mouth hung open as I watched the lime-green flames dancing on the black outer frame. "What is that?" I asked myself. "Where does it go to?" The next thing I knew, it was gone.

                                                                         *    *   *

     For the next hour I unpacked and thought about the note. Who had sent it? And who was Wintix?

     "Hey, Tyler! Where are mom and dad?" My big sister Audrey called from down the hall. I was about to answer, but I was stopped by the sound of her screaming. I ran down the hall towards the sound of her loud voice, and found her at the doorway of my parents' room. I looked inside, and I almost screamed. Instead I sat there keeping my mixed emotions bottled up inside. The room was full of nothig but black ashes. My crystal started glowing brighter, and brighter until I could see nothig but green light. Images flashed and moved infront of me, and I thought I was going to faint. I saw three men, two of them putting my parents in giant bags and then throwing them into another portal. This portal looked just like the one my crystal made, but the rim was turquoise, and one of the men (most likely the leader) had a tanzanite crystal around his neck on a leather strip. They all laughed as they jusped into the portal. The last thing I saw was the last man throwing a lit match onto the floor as he jumped through.

     When the light died so I could see again, I ran to my room and slammed the door. Without thinking I started to fill a backpack with lots of useful thigs. I put in two pairs of extra clothes, food, water, a water-proof flashlight and watch, and a poket knife. I lay on my bed turning the piece of peridot over in my hands. I had attached it to a leather strip that I could wear. Tonight im going after my parents. As soon as the portal opens.


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