The World of Goregon

Have you ever imagined a world where people could live underwater and not ever have to come up for air? What about a place where people can fly without a giant machine. Tyler Adams never thought a world like this existed...until his parents dissapeared, only leaving behind a crystal.


4. Dad...I think

     It wasn't long before we found the giant serpent. It was at least 300 feet long! "Oh no!" Wintix whispered, "The seekers killed the Ceptotad before us."

     "Isn't that a good thing?" I whispered back confused.

     "No, because now the seekers wont have to worry about the Ceptotad when they find us and kill us! Look there is one of them now. Be careful they are stone wielders too!" Wintix pointed to one of the upcoming seekers that was riding on a sea turtle. He pulled of his hood and I could just barely make out his face.

     "Dad?" I called.

     "Tyler? What are you doing here?

     "was looking for you!" My dad got off his turtle and teleported to me, so he could hug me. He was wearing some kind of head globe full of air so that he could breathe.

     "Um...guys there is a mob of people from Dyran chasing us." Said Wintix."And the seekers are coming." I turned around to see all of the people coming together. My dad got on to the back of my dolphin and kicked it. Wintix followed closely behind. My dad grabbed the reins and pulled us straight up towards the sky. In a minute we broke the surface, and the air was sweet. A few seconds after we had jumped out of the water, we teleported to the entrance of a cave.

     "Who teleported us?" I asked, still happy to be alive.

     "I think it was the dolphins." My dad said. He took off the dolphins bridle to reveal a small thin piece of string around it's neck.

     On the string was a small diamond that glowed when the dolphin said, "Yes it was me...I think I deserve an apology for bringing me out of my stable. The water is warm in there but out here it is so cold." There was a moment of silence before we all broke into laughter.

     A woman walked out of the darkness of the cave. "Welcome to the safe house. Your all safe here...for a while at least. We have some rooms available if you would like to stay." After Wintix replied to her in another language, we followed her down the hall when I realized something and said,

     " Hey dad? How can I understand her? She wasn't speaking English.

     "Well," He began, "The crystal helps you.

     Ten minutes later I was sitting in my new room writing this. I was about to go to sleep when I realized something. Where was mom? That could wait for only the night. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

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