The World of Goregon

Have you ever imagined a world where people could live underwater and not ever have to come up for air? What about a place where people can fly without a giant machine. Tyler Adams never thought a world like this existed...until his parents dissapeared, only leaving behind a crystal.


3. Beware the Ceptotad

     When I woke, I ate some fruit and then Wintix started to 'train' me. "To get your gem to do what you want it do do, when you want it done, you must tell it exactly what you want done. Will the gem to do what you ask. First I want you to tell the gem to teleport you across the room. Call me when you have done so." Wintix then swam out leaving me alone to try to do something I thought I would never find myself trying to do. It took a half an hour for me to teleport a foot from where I started, and by then I was ready to give up and leave to find my parents alone. All day Wintix had me working on different things, and by the end of the day I could teleport a mile, turn into other things, levitate things, turn invisible, read thoughts, and many other different things. It took me a long time to get my crystal to do what I wanted it to, but Wintix said i was ready. After I changed into some black clothes,we left. when we swam out the door I realized I was right about the house being a pit in a mountain. We were in an underwater ravine. All along the walls were doors, and below us there were big buildings.

     "This place is huge." I said in amazement

     "Yea it is."Wintix said, "Lets go get ourselves a ride." We swam down towards the buildings, and im surprised my ears didn't pop. When we got inside one of the buildings I was reminded of a horse stable. The only difference was that instead of horses they had dolphins. there was also one killer whale, a few seals, and a few sea turtles, but the main animals were dolphins. Wintix saddled two dolphins and brought them out. He handed the reins of one to me and said, "Do you know how to ride?"

     I had been horse riding once in my life. Right now, that was enough experience. "Yes." I said as I got on and followed Wintix out of the stable.

     "When we get to the gate we are going to have to break out. After we get out they will chase us right away, so we have to go fast." Wintix explained.

     It had been less than two minutes when we got there. Wintix kicked his dolphin, and then used his crystal to blow up the giant gate. I followed him quickly, trying not to fall off my dolphin whenever I kicked it. Five minutes later I could see a cloud of mounted people charging towards us riding on dolphins. As we kept going, I heard a loud shrieking on the distance.

    "What was that?" I cried

     "We probably just woke the Ceptotad." Wintix replied calmly. The look on my face told him that he needed to explain. "It means big serpent. Don't worry he is friendly...unless you wake him up."

     "Well we just did!" I screamed back to him.

     "Good point. That could cause problems." He kicked his dolphin and I did the same.

     The next few hours we rode farther and farther away from the city. The shrieking got louder the farther we got away. "Lets hope we don't find any seekers." Wintix said." They are not a friendly bunch. They were sent from the government of Nozdar to keep people like us out of their country. If they find us then they will kill us without hesitation. They have certain boundaries so if we find them it means we are close to out destination." After that I kept quiet hoping that we wouldn't run into any of those.

     About five hours after we had left the city, we had gotten about half way to our destination. The best part was we only took two breaks and saved a lot of time. But being close to our destination also meant that we were probably going to run into the Ceptotad soon....hopefully before it runs into us.

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